Workout For Upper Abs #4 Will Surprise You

workout for upper abs
I’ve got abs and I can help you too.

Do you want to know how to workout upper abs or maybe even what upper ab exercises at home you can do? I’m going to hook you up with a workout for upper abs and answer some frequently asked questions like can you even target your upper abs. So here we go! 


  1. Workout for upper abs both a beginner and advanced option (video links included)
  1. Frequently asked questions 
  1. Conclusion and offer to join our K2 Abs Program 🙂 

Workout For Upper Abs

Below you will see an exact example of what a workout looks like from our K2 Abs program. We provide you with a workout of the day (5 per week) that can be completed in 12 minutes or less, and options based on your current fitness level. Take a few minutes to review the ab exercises then give the workout a shot! 

Beginner (No equipment needed)

12 Minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

  1. 45 seconds x Tuck Pulse OR Single Leg Tuck Hold
  1. 45 seconds x  Knee Tuck Plank Tap OR  Knee Plank
  1. 30 seconds x Hanging Tuck Raise OR Tuck Rock
  1. 30 seconds x  Lean Back Leg Raise/ Single Leg Hollow Rock
workout for upper abs
Master the hollow body position.

Intermediate & Advanced

12 Minute EMOM

  1. 45 seconds x  Hollow Body Pulse OR  Tuck Pulse
  1. 45 seconds x Plank OR Knee Tuck Plank Tap
  1. 30 seconds x Hanging Tuck Raise
  1. 30 seconds x Tuck Up OR Single Leg V Up

Oh by the way if you want “ The Best Workout For Abs Guide” you can come back to it here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to work out upper abs? 

When you think about how to target your upper abs your really thinking “how do i get a six pack.  The key to getting a six pack is doing a variety of different exercises, reps, time domains and intensity. We do that for you in our K2 Abs Program. To target your upper abs specifically here are two of the best exercises for upper abs. 

Weighted Tuck Hold


  1. How to workout upper abs without equipment. 

There are a ton of bodyweight exercises you can do for abs without equipment, here are two of my favorites. 

Hollow Body Press To Floor

V Up

3. How do I activate my upper abs? 

Intensity and make sure you are in the right positions. It’s important to learn how to engage and activate not just your abs but any muscle you are trying to build. If they aren’t “active” and you don’t feel it…it’s not working. 


We gave you a workout for upper abs, be sure to watch the video links first so you learn how to activate your abs. If you continue to just look for the next best ab workout that’s not what’s going to do the trick. 

Focus on learning how to do the movement properly and gradually working towards the next progression so that you are continually being challenged.

We do this in our K2 Abs Program. We give you:

  • Results
  • 5 ab workouts per week
  • 10 minutes or less
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced options 
workout for upper abs

And since you read all the way through you can try our ab workouts for the next week for just $1 by clicking here

Comment below with any questions you may have or what exercise you found harder than expected!

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