The Best Workout For Abs Guide| Lower Abs, Upper Abs & At Home Abs

I get asked all of the time what is the best workout for abs. All the time. I know you want to feel good when you take your shirt off at the beach or at the pool in front of your girlfriend, your spouse or your friends. I know that feeling. 

workout for abs
You don’t have to be skinny to have abs. 

Today I’m going to give you:

  • Workout for abs
  • Workout for lower abs
  • Workout for upper abs
  • 10 minute workout for abs
  • 5 minute workouts for abs
  • Best exercises for abs
  • Answer frequently asked questions

You get the point. 

I’m going to give you a ton of resources on what I have done to get the glorified six pack. I won’t be covering nutrition in this blog.

To be honest my rule for getting abs is for starters, actually train them, make them a part of your routine.

Two just don’t eat like an asshole. But here is a guide just in case you want to learn more.

If you want to skip all the guess work and just have an ab workout routine to follow then snag our favorite 5 ab workout videos here.

workout for abs

Best Workout For Abs

I have been coaching for over a decade now and I have created the best ab workouts from beginner to extremely intense.

Within our training programs we believe that having a strong core, strong stability is all a part of not just having a sexy six pack…

…but actually avoiding injury as well.

So we take corrective exercise, training obliques and strengthening your spine seriously.

If you are having some issues with your back by the way, check out our free mobility workshop where we go over some of the best stuff you can be doing to get your strength and mobility back.

Follow Along AB Workouts

In each of these ab workouts I’ll guide you through some simple, yet effective ab workouts.

All you gotta do is click play and follow along.

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So here ya go, knock yourself out with some sweet ab workouts:

  1. 10 Minute Workout For Abs At Home
  1. 9 Minute Workout For Abs At Home
  1. 6 Minute Workout For Abs At Home


What is the most effective abs exercise? 

  • If I had to list the best ab exercise I would probably say the Hollow Body (the movement you see in the video above) and the hardest ab exercise is def the L Sit.

If you like gymnastics training and really want to strengthen your abs check out these 10 progressions on how to do an l sit.

What exercises are good for abs? 

  • The intention of this blog post is to provide you with examples but if I had to list the best exercises I would say to master the:
  • Plank
  • L Sit
  • V Up
workout for abs
Want more than just the best workout for abs? We can help you with that. 

Most of the time we have found that people don’t just want a six pack. They want to feel confident with their shirt off, strong, get confidence back, and we can help you with all of those things. Take a look at some of our training programs and join the team!

Can you get abs from ab workouts? 

  • Yes. Most people I know don’t even workout abs. We believe it’s the foundation to everything you do. If you want to get stronger, train your abs, and improve your stability. If you want to SEE your abs, clean up your eating and quit eating like an a**.

Is it okay to do abs everyday? 

  • Yes. But let’s be honest, most people struggle with consistency. If you can get yourself to do something each day, first off we would love to have you as a client (we love dedicated people who want help) and secondly don’t get caught up in the small stuff and just train your abs. Take your body through full body workouts.
workout for abs
Strength train too.

Workout For Lower Abs 

Got the upper abs but can’t figure out how to get your lower abs?

Here are three of the best exercises for your lower abs.

Below I will have two options for each exercise.

A beginner version and a more advanced ab exercise.

Written like this—->  Advanced or Beginner.

We do this for all of our exercises within our training programs using our K2 Level System and that level system is what makes our app/program so special. We can meet each individual where they are at in their journey.

workout for abs
Learn how to engage your abs. It helps you improve your strength in everything you do. 

Three Best Exercises For Lower Abs

We believe in training your core but we also know how important it is for people to be doing exercises that is best suited for them (you) and your current fitness level.

So below, we give you a couple different exercises with some alternatives in case you can’t do one, or one is too difficult.

Click on the video links below and give them a shot.

Keep it simple, consider doing something like:

  • 3 sets of 10
  • 30 seconds of work 30 seconds of rest

Here are a few ab exercise for ya:

  1. Seated Pike Lift OR Lean Back Leg Raise
  1. V Up OR Tuck Up
  1. Med Ball Pike Up OR Med Ball Tuck Up

The last ab exercise with the medicine ball is a fun creative way to work your abs, and actually some baby progression steps to doing things like handstand push ups.


How Do You Work Your Lower Abs

  • Try the exercises from above, those are some of my favorites for lower abs. Some others to consider: leg raises, planks (when done properly), and tuck rocks are some of my favorite targeted core work.
L Sit
The king of all core exercises is the L Sit

Super challenging right?

Think to yourself oh I could never do that?

Well, every exercise has a progression and as you can stronger, and stronger you can accomplish a lot more than you think.

We created an entire fitness app to help people feel confident taking on new skills, leveling up their fitness, check out the video below to see how our fitness app works.

Pretty sweet right?

If you loved what you saw and want to join our program, click the link here to find a program that suits your goals.

How Do You Workout Your Abs At Home?

  • Ab exercises don’t require a ton of equipment. In fact, a lot of my favorite movements don’t require any equipment at all. Try them out —> Tuck Rock, V Up Series, Tuck Hold 
Focus on what you can control

What Is The Best Exercise For Lower Body Fat?

  • I think what you are asking is how to get rid of lower body fat. Several things go through my mind when you ask this question:
  1. clean up your nutrition
  2. take strength training more serious
  3. improve your conditioning
  4. then worry about your abs

If you do those, your lower body fat will reduce.

workout for abs
Here is another tacky photo of me trying to prove to you I know what I’m talking about :p

Are Lower Abs Hard To Get?

  • I will say that people have a harder time activating their lower abs. You want to learn how to engage your lower abs by doing this. When you learn how to do this in all of your exercises you can target your lower abs a lot more. 

Do Planks Work Your Lower Abs?

  • When done properly yes. I’m making this number up but 94% of the time I see planks done wrong. Watch this video so you can learn how to do the plank properly.

I’m actually showing you a variation from the knees because I find that people can feel the activation a lot more when doing this.

If you still can’t “feel” anything in yours you are just unable to “activate” your muscles and that is really common for a lot of people.

If that’s you, shoot me an email or comment below and I’ll help you out.

To master the plank you need to be able to do this.

Plank Variations:

We love variation and always progress things to keep training fun and challenging.

workout for abs
Strengthen your core and you will get stronger at everything. 

Workout For Upper Abs

Maybe you are starting to see a little bit of your abs since the upper abs are typically easier to get and now you want to really train them!

So here are three of the best exercises for your upper abs. 

workout for abs
One too many tacky photos of me.

Three Best Exercises For Upper ABs

  1. Straight Leg Crunch
  1. Single Leg Tuck Hold OR Single Leg Hollow Rock
  1. Ab Wheel Roll Out
Does the ab wheel really work? Do it properly and yes it does! 


How do I activate my upper abs? 

  • From my experience people have a hard time activating their muscles because they were never taught how to move properly in the first place. We have video tutorials on a Ton of exercises on our YouTube be sure to subscribe so you can get relevant information. Secondly they don’t add enough intensity to get the muscle to activate. To create change in your body you have to be challenged. 

Do planks work upper abs?

  • When done properly yes. Watch this video so you can learn how to do the plank properly. The video teaches you how to control your pelvis and when most people get into the plank position your core is the first thing to go.  

Can you get a six pack from just planking? 

  • Not sure. I would personally get bored. I do know that constantly varying intensity and the exercise will create change (get results). Because your body is always having to adapt to the new exercise, the new workout. This is why progressive overload is so effective AKA making things gradually harder over time. 

Are planks better than sit ups?

Do planks give you abs? 

  • Planks definitely workout your abs. But you need to have variety and you have to do the plank properly. Here are my steps when teaching someone to do the plank properly. 
  1. Cat + Cowlearn how to control your pelvis first. 
  1. Tuck Hold On Handlearn how to activate your lower abs
Harder than it looks.
  1. Hand Plankincreasing the demand on the body.
  1. Knee Plankif you don’t feel it it’s not working so don’t progress until you can feel it. 
  1. Knee Tuck Tap Plankbeginning to increase time under tension of the full plank position
workout for abs
Want to be a better Crossfit athlete? We can also help you with that.

Workout For Abs At Home


Can you get abs from home workouts? 

  • I’m sure you have heard that abs are made in the kitchen. I’m not here to tell you that it’s all diet because nobody wants to hear that. That you can only eat chicken and rice. If you have some body fat to lose I would clean up your eating to and follow a good training program that will help you get fit. Once you are lean and a body fat burning machine it’s a lot easier to keep the weight off. Start by training your core, you will get motivated and naturally clean up your eating. 

We not only have the best workout for abs. We can get you stronger, faster, and get you in the best shape of your life. 
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If you start working out your abs at a high intensity and get a good variety of different exercises you will get a six pack. Above I gave you resources for your lower abs, upper abs, follow along workout for abs and a few of my favorite ab exercises. 

Most people don't just want abs though.

I'm guessing you want to be strong, have abs, feel better, and get fit and maybe do some of the things you used to be able to. Check out some of our plans and let's help you get that back!

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