The Perfect Workout for a Summer Body

Summertime is for pool parties, beach vacations, and spending time outdoors. You stow away your long pants and sweatshirts and break out those tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits! There’s only one problem – sometimes those warm weather clothes don’t fit as comfortably as they once did. And the thought of wearing a swimsuit doesn’t get you the least bit excited. Well thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate workout for a summer body!

What’s the Best Workout for Abs?

When you think of feeling comfortable in a swimsuit, one of the first areas you think of is your stomach. If you want to strengthen your core, burn belly fat, and tighten up your tummy our Free 5 Day Abs Course is perfect for you!

workout for abs

This short ab workout routine is perfect for busy people like yourself. Created by world-class coaches (us) who guide you through five of their favorite ab workouts. Crush this workout for a summer body in less than ten minutes a day.

What kind of Workout for a Summer Body can I do on Vacation?

We’ve created the BEST workout program that is designed for busy people with limited equipment, making this the perfect workout for a summer body while you travel! Our Executive Program can be completed with limited equipment, meaning those hotel gyms will be put to good use!

Try out this program for just $1! By completing our Executive Program while on vacation, you’re giving yourself the perfect workout for a summer body and getting your mind in the best place so you can truly relax and enjoy your time away! 

I Really Like to Take Advantage of the Summer Weather by Running Outside. What’s a Good Running Workout I Can Do?

Running outside is a great way to take advantage of the summer weather! Our Run Program is brilliantly created and is perfect for someone who wants to get better at running or a runner who wants to be more challenged. Try this program for just $1 and get to crushing your workout goals today. 

Want to make this the perfect workout for a summer body? Couple our Run Program with our Abs Program!

I Want the Ultimate Workout for a Summer Body Challenge. What Can I Do?

If you’re looking for a great challenge that will give you amazing results and push your fitness to the next level, we highly recommend our K Squared Fitness Program or our Crossfit Program.

Kevin Andres

Both of these programs have been used by NFL Athletes, Music Artists, Military Personnel, and many other elite individuals who have taken their fitness to the next level with us.

DaQuan Jones

Either program will give you lasting results and will be the best workout for a summer body that you’ll ever do. 


Whether you’re doing our Run Program, Abs Program, Executive Program, Fitness Program, or CrossFit Program you’ll be getting challenged, improving your fitness, and getting the summer body that will make you feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit, shorts, or tank top! 

Kevin & Katie Andres – Creators and Owners of K Squared Fitness

Sign up for any of our programs right now for just $1 if you’re wanting the perfect workout for a summer body.

Want to Learn More About K Squared Fitness and How We Can Help You?

Founded in 2020, K Squared Fitness offers training programs that are chock full of workouts that give busy people the tools, support, and step-by-step program to achieve their health and fitness goals from experienced fitness coaches.

We offer two training programs: Everyday Fitness and Crossfit

Our Everyday Fitness program is designed for people who are:

– Just getting started

– Haven’t trained in a while

– Need more structure to accelerate results

– Have limited time

– Ready to get their body back. 

Included in the Everyday Fitness program is:

  • K2 Conditioning
  • K2 Strength
  • K2 Fitness
  • K2 Executive
  • K2 HIIT
  • K2 Abs
crossfit program

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Our Crossfit Program is designed for people who want to:

– take their fitness to the next level

– improve their strength and conditioning

– tackle their weaknesses

– improve their gymnastics skills

– train for a crossfit competition

The programs included in the Crossfit Program are:

  • K2 Conditioning
  • K2 Gymnastics
  • K2 Strength
  • K2 Olympic Lifting
  • K2 Fitness
  • K2 Athlete
smart goals

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We look forward to seeing you on the inside of our fitness family!

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