March 8, 2020 Workout of the day

Welcome to K Squared fitness blog where we post a free wod, movement tutorials and tips to help you get a great workout.

Each week we will pull from a variety of our training programs (strength, fitness, gymnastics, engine, etc)

Today’s wod is pulled from our K2 Fitness program

For Time:

16 x power clean

20 x kb swing

24 x ring dip

12 x power clean

15 x kb swing

18 x ring dip

8 x power clean

10 x kb swing

12 x ring dip

Barbell weight:

Men – 155/135/115

Women – 115/95/75 lbs


Power Clean

Ring Dip

Modifications & More

For modifications, full workout, warm up, mobility & activation drills, more video tutorials, at home workouts, and more…

check out our online fitness programs.

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