Crossfit Workout of The Day

Tomorrow’s featured workout of the day is pulled from our K2 Fitness Program

Workout is For Time:

  1. Row x 1000 meters
  2. 25 X Hang Squat Clean
  3. 50 x Chest to bar pull ups

Barbell Weight:

Men – 165/135/115

Women – 115/85/55lbs

Chest to Bar Scale:

Elite – as prescribed 

Rx – kipping pull ups

Scaled – jumping pull ups

We don’t want the pull ups taking you 5 minutes. We want you to work hard on the rower, cycle that barbell, and commit to knocking out the pull ups fast.

What is the biggest separator for you? 

Fitness is about being able to tailor the workout to you so you get the correct stimulus.

Choose the right weight, and the right scale to get the appropriate stimulus. 

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