Why Habit Based Nutrition Coaching?

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    Most people don’t seek Nutrition Coaching right away. Typically, I’m coaching people who have tried dieting, tried cleanses, or tried eating healthier on their own and the results either didn’t show up or they didn’t last. I coach habit based nutrition coaching for numerous reasons, but I want to talk about three specific ones. 

First of all, habit based nutrition WORKS. Why does it work? Because you’ll be learning how to make a lifestyle change instead of being told what to eat, being handed a rigorous meal plan, and it’s designed with you and your life in mind. 

    Secondly, we work at a pace that is designed to not overwhelm you. Most people diet for a week or two, get little results, then gain the weight back. Why do they only diet for a week or two? There’s a couple reasons: 1. Most diets aren’t designed to be followed for much longer than that. 2. Diets are overwhelming. You give up everything and start something completely new in just ONE day. That’s not designed to set you up for success. When you follow a habit based nutrition program, you work for 2 weeks on one healthy habit, then after that 2 weeks you add another habit to work on. We move one step at a time so you can learn strategies that you’ll use for your entire life. 

    Last but not least, habit based nutrition coaching is great because it’s obtainable and it’s simple. So many people over complicate their nutrition. Weighing food, counting calories, and keeping track of every piece of food that goes into your body might work, but it’s not practical if you live a busy life and it can also be overwhelming. When you adjust your life one habit at a time, it works for everyone – including the busy parents, the business owners, the stay at home moms, the college students, and everyone in between. 

    I love coaching nutrition, it truly is a passion of mine. I love food, I love people, and I love the combination of both that this job supplies. I hope this blog post helped answer some questions you might have on the style of coaching that I do, but please reach out to me or comment below with any further questions. 🙂 

Written By: Katie Andres

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