What You Should Know About Alternating Step Ups

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Alternating Step Ups are a fantastic leg workout exercise! Not only is this exercise low risk for injury, but they also help with toning your thighs and legs. What more could you ask for? Not only could you perform this exercise just about everywhere, but it’s easy to make it more challenging by simply holding a pair of dumbbells while performing the alternating step ups.  

How do you do an Alternating Step Up?

You begin by getting a workout box, going to some stairs or steps, or really any elevated surface that is sturdy enough for you to safely stand on top of it. You place one foot up onto the box (Or whatever it is you are using) and stepping up onto it until both your feet are planted firmly at the top. Stand straight up while squeezing your glutes. Then step down, first with the leading foot and then with your other foot. Repeat with the other foot leading. 

Here’s an even BETTER way to learn the Alternating Step Up: CHECK OUT OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW! 

What is an alternative exercise to the Alternating Step Up?

A great alternative to doing the Alternating Step Up is the LUNGE! Both exercises strengthen your glutes. If it’s your knee that is bothering you try this instead.

Can you do Alternating Step Ups everyday?

All of us do a form of step ups every single day (think about how often you take stairs). So yes, you can do them everyday. Step ups hit every major muscle group in your lower body. However, for the best fitness results, you should follow a workout program designed by a certified personal trainer. The workout plans we have over at www.ksquaredfitness.com are designed to give you INCREDIBLE results (like they have for our clients already) and keep you motivated to reaching your goals. Go check us out and try our $1 week trial! 

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Are Alternating Step Ups a good exercise?

Alternating Step Ups aren’t just a good exercise, they are a GREAT exercise! As I mentioned before, they have low risk for injury AND are great for toning your legs.

Do Alternating Step Ups tone your legs?

YES! Alternating Step Ups target most muscles in the upper leg so they are one of the BEST exercises for toning the thighs.


Step away! Just be sure to make sure you close your hip at the top like we talked about in the video and make sure you don’t have any knee pain. Keep training hard guys!

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