What You Need to Know About the Banded Lat Stretch

The banded lat stretch is a great stretch to help improve your overhead mobility. By stretching your tight lats, you can help improve your range of motion overhead. The banded lat stretch is a great mobility drill to do before doing front squats or power cleans as well. If you have tight or restricted mobility, doing this stretch will help free up range of motion. Stretch for five seconds, release for ten seconds, stretch for five seconds, release for ten seconds, etc. Repeat this as many times as needed!

Are Resistance Bands good for stretching?

Yes, absolutely! Resistance bands are great for stretching! Practicing consistent and controlled stretching with a resistance band will help to achieve a healthier body while improving muscle and joint conditions. 

What causes tight lats? 

Pain is usually caused by overuse, poor technique, or not warming up before exercising. Doing the banded lat stretch will help with tight lats.

How do you do a banded lat stretch?

Follow our youtube video below to properly perform the banded lat stretch to help improve overhead mobility and release tight lats!

What are some other stretches I can do?

Besides the banded lat stretch, a couple other great stretches include:

  1. Lat Smash (Foam rolling your lats)
  1. PVC Lat Stretch 

What exercises can the banded lat stretch help with?

The banded lat stretch can help with many exercises, including these two:

  1. Front Squat 

  1. Power Clean


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