6 Awesome Wall Sit Variations To Try

wall sit
I have six awesome variations to show you in today’s blog.

Who remembers holding wall sits when they were younger? I feel like it was what adults made you do for punishment? Maybe punishment isn’t the right word but it was kind of a way for adults to work your legs instead of saying drop down and give me ten push ups! 

I just had a crazy childhood? Okay, got it. 

I do enjoy doing wall sits and other isometric exercises like the L Sit. Which is by far the most brutal isometric exercise for you core. But hey, you are here to read about some different variants for your legs so lets get straight into it!

Today I’m going to cover:

  • Why you should do wall sits more often
  • Show you some sweet variations
  • Give you some different workouts that you can try and educate you on two different methods
Here are 6 of my favorite progressions to try

How To Wall Sit 

Step by step instructions:

  1. Put your back up against a wall
  2. Have the inside of your foot inline with your hip
  3. Press your abs INTO the wall (leaving no space between your lower back and wall)
  4. Posture your upper back onto the wall
  5. Didn’t realize it could be a total body exercise did ya ?
  6. Lower yourself to 90 degrees and work those legs!!

Pro Tip:

Make sure your heels do not come off of the ground to really get the benefits of the exercise and work the right muscles. We tell our clients to keep the pressure in the middle of your feet. 

Wall Sit Benefits

The benefits are awesome! It’s an exercise that is low impact, isometric (one of three components of muscle building) and you can do it anywhere. 

Wall sits help with strengthening your quads, adductors, core (when do step 3 from above) and truly need to make a comeback in the fitness community. 

Foam roll your glute
If wall sits bother your knees you may need to hop the foam roller

Wall Sit Variation

In the video above or you can click here we gave you six of my favorite wall sit exercise progressions from easiest to hardest. It’s important to continuously challenge your mind and your body. So mix it up! 

Whether you are working out from home or the gym I would challenge you to add these variations into your workout routine following this simple method:

Method A

Each week increase the time under tension (work time)  making the exercise more challenging. 

Week 1:

Work x 30 seconds

Rest x 30 seconds

Week 2:

Work x 45 seconds (increase the duration)

Rest x 30 seconds


Do this until you reach two minutes and then you need to level up. 

FItness app
Within our fitness app you can click harder or easier when you are ready to level up

Method B

Week 1:

Work x 30 seconds

Rest x 30 seconds

Week 2:

Work x 30 seconds

Rest x 25 seconds (reduce the time 5 seconds each week)


There are so many ways to program and have variety. You can increase the time & decrease the rest time. The thing you want to avoid doing is “black hole” training.

Black hole training = doing the same thing day in and day out. 

If you don’t want to think about what to do, then join our program. We won’t be mad at you if you do. In fact we will welcome you with an onboarding call to help you reach your fitness goals. ?

hiit workouts

Mastered The Wall Sit? Try This

Once you feel confident with the wall sit and have leveled yourself up then it’s time to keep challenging your mind and your body. Because the exercise is now single leg it will challenge your legs more!

  • Keep your pelvis tucked
  • Chest up
  • Let your legs burn

Check out the video to master the form and see how this can actually help you take pressure off of your knees.

This one is brutal. You can use the same principles you learned from above too ??


Wall sits are fun and don’t have to be a form of punishment. It’s a great isometric exercise that will really work your legs, strengthen your quads, core, and upper back when done properly. 

Be sure to try the six different variations we gave you!

1️⃣ Wall Sit

2️⃣ Goblet Hold

3️⃣ Double Front Rack Hold

4️⃣ Hold w/ weights on the side

5️⃣ Plate loaded wall sit

6️⃣ Arms out in front

Comment below with which variation you are working on!

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