Tuesday @ The Track 10.15.2019

Every great training program trains a mix of speed, intervals, and endurance. Today we working on power output. After building your aerobic base, it’s time to test some speed!

There is something special about being out with a group of encouraging men and women together training, so come out and join us!

All levels are welcome! 

We will meet at Centennial High School @ 6:00 – 6:45

5050 Mallory Ln, Franklin, TN 37067

Warm Up: (10 Minutes)


Two sets of:

  1. Run x 200 meters
  2. Jog x 200 meters

Two sets of:

  1. A/B/C Skip x 10
  2. Lateral Skip x 10
  3. One Food Hops x 10

Four sets of:

  1. Sprint x 20 seconds + 45 second jog

Run Workout (10 Minutes)


Three sets of:

  1. Sprint 90 seconds 

Goal distance during 90 second sprint 

.25/21/.18 or 400/350/300 meters 

Rest 3 minutes

       2. Sprint 35 seconds

Goal distance during 35 second sprint 

.12/.11/.09 or 200/175/150 meters 

Rest 2 minutes 

         3. Sprint 15 seconds 

Goal distance during 15 second sprint 

.06/.05/.03 or 100/75/50 meters 

Rest 1 minute then repeat two more times. 

Still working speed and power here. Work hard, every time your foot hits…think power, speed, faster, you got this. Larger recovery between sets, so it’s okay to turn it on! Get after it. 

Recovery Stretching (10 Minutes)


  1. Spend 5-10 minutes stretching where needed


  1. Hamstrings
  2. Hip Flexor
  3. Calf
  4. Glute
  5. Piriformis
  6. Quads

Post how far you got with each time interval in the comments below!

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