The Power Of Consistency Day 6

10 Minute Timer Has Started.

Today has been great. Do you ever have those days where you feel like you can take on anything? Today has been that way for me thankfully. As I mentioned earlier in the week I am juggling a lot right now and trying to get in the habit of being consistent with blogging.

I feel like I’m getting closer to being able to tackle an in depth article where I do a deep dive on a topic. I have been considering writing about:

  1. Mental toughness
  2. The difference in our online training programs
  3. Sports Performance
  4. Or even just breaking down each exercise so people can learn how to do it properly.

Similar to how I did with the ab wheel roll out. Then I wrote about blog about adding it to your warm up like this.

What I am doing is working. I intentionally made myself start writing for ten minutes even if it was about absolutely nothing, just to get me into the habit of writing. The same may apply to you with working out. If you just start doing something most likely after a week you will want to start doing more just like I have.

Perhaps I will a blog of the power of habit? Maybe even write and e book on habit. I like that idea. I really want to be able to empower people online. It’s something I love doing in one on one personal training, getting someone to believe in themselves and see them take ownership and start winning not only in their workouts but in life as well.

Maybe if I wrote an ebook I could share some of my best practiced strategies and mental toughness things that I teach when I’m training people through our K2 Online Training programs.


Not much was covered, just brainstorming.

  1. Get out in move.
  2. You may not do much, but if you do something, you keep your habit going.

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