The Power Of Consistency Day 3

10 Minute timer has begun.

Working out with a community is a game changer. When health and wellness is a part of your lifestyle it is very easy for things to get boring. Some days maybe you don’t want to train as hard, or even at all. Two things:

  1. Schedule time for yourself and treat it like an appointment
  2. Have friends join you.

There is something special about getting together and working hard. Every Saturday Katie and I pull from our online training programs and do a partner workout. We love partner workouts because it encourages you to support, and give positive feedback to your partner. This past Friday I watched this from the coaching perspective.

Typically I show up to this one particular family’s home every day and I coach and support them through a workout. I’m optimizing there movements with little tweaks here and there. Most of the communication is with me and my clients, and not too much interaction with each other.

Friday however we did a partner workout. It was incredible to see now things had changed. I provided the support, and the workout of the day.

Workout was:

  1. Run x 5 minutes together
  2. DB Press Press x 150 (total reps)
  3. Push Up x 100 (total)
  4. DB Thruster x 150 (total)
  5. Lateral Jump Over x 150 (total)
  6. Run x 5 minutes

The entire workout was so rewarding to watch. I placed myself to where I could see everyone working and all I could do was smile. I would hear “come on you got this, okay I’m going to do two more get ready, you got this finish strong, let’s do this” all of it.

They were encouraging each other and using the positive self talk they typically have with themselves and put it towards each other.

My ten minutes is up.


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