The Power Of Consistency Day 2

10 Minute Timer has started…

I am fully aware of yesterday’s grammar issues, and that I will continue to have them. The purpose of this blog and the power of consistency is purely for me to get in the habit of blogging on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

As I shared yesterday, you also don’t have to have the perfect conditioning to begin exercising. In most cases doing something is better than doing nothing at all. But taking action is what matters most.

You can get the gym membership, you can but the new workout clothes, you can even GO to the gym. But until you actually start exercising, no change has taken place. Keep that in mind when you are working out. Be intentional with your time. If you have ten minutes to blog in my case, just put words on paper.

If you have just ten minutes to workout then get moving!

Try this:

10 Minute AMRAP* code for as many rounds or reps as possible of:

  1. Single Under x 40
  2. Lunge x 20
  3. Pike Push Up x 10 or L Sit Press x 10

Primary principle to remember is to get your heart rate up then work your largest muscle groups. If you can go lower body then upper body it’s even better. When you work your legs your heart send blood to your legs. Then if you work your arms, now your heart has to send blood to your arms. This creates more blood flow throughout your entire body = burning a high amount of calories.

Working is so good for your head space IF YOU CAN JUST GET STARTED. Today was tough, I tried to upload the speed of our website because I was having a ton of issues on the backend. When I tried to do an update, our entire website crashed. Totally freaked me out. I’m still learning all of this and had now clue how to fix it. I spent hours on the phone with go daddy, WordPress, and essentially ended up getting things fixed.

I have a scheduled workout time for Katie and I everyday at 3 pm. I was still on the phone as 2:55, I didn’t want to workout. I felt like I needed to handle things I had been trying to get to all day, but I worked out anyway. My mood improved, my workout was great. I started off slow and just started moving, twenty minutes into it I was ready to go.

My ten minutes is up.


  1. Take action
  2. Schedule your workout time and commit to it
  3. Hardest part is starting.

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