The Best Stretches For Runners Hip & How To Fix It Long Term

Best stretches for runners hip
Hi! I’m Coach Katie, and I’m going to help you run pain free ??

Today I’m going to give you the best stretches for runners hip and if you are anything like me when I first started running, I never stretched. It wasn’t until my back started to get super tight that I realized how tight my hip flexor and hamstring really were.

I don’t like being in pain and I actually enjoy stretching. But I realized that if it wasn’t a part of the plan/workout for the day, I wasn’t going to do it unless it was programmed into the workout. So, I started plugging it into our training programs for myself initially. 

I used to think people just wanted to run workout and that’s all that was wanted. What I have found is people just want to be told what to do. Otherwise they aren’t going to make the time for it. 

Within our run training plans you will be guided through:

Notice how much of that run workout is focused on preparation, and recovery. Believe me, the runs are hard. But you need to train hard, and recover harder. Today I’m going to break down:

  • Should you stretch before you run (static vs dynamic)
  • Best stretches for running hip
  • Share a morning stretch routine
  • Probably the most important thing here…and that’s how to correct the pain you are having. I’m going to show you which muscle to foam roll, which muscle to stretch, and which muscle to strengthen. 

Check it all out below ??

stretches for runners hip
You have to prepare your mind just as much as your body.

Should You Stretch Before Running 

Stretching and warming up are different. If you are preparing to go for a run you should save stretching for after your run and to be more specific…I refer to stretching as holding one stretch for 60 seconds or longer (static stretching.) Not just grabbing your quad for three seconds while holding on to the stop sign. That’s not stretching. 

That’s more dynamic stretching if anything and that’s more important to do before you run. Dynamic stretching gets your hear rate up, gets some blood flowing will help get your hips nice and loose, your hamstrings, your groin, all of that. I actually have a follow along warm up you can follow here:

This follow along is more of a dynamic approach. Static stretches can be found below.

Best Stretches For After Your Run

Screen shot of the stretching segment pulled from the K2 Run Program with our app

Below are the most important stretches for runners by muscle group. Make this a part of a morning stretch routine and or after your runs. I personally do this with the K2 Fitness app (shown above) on a daily basis.

I wake up, drink a glass of water, pull up the K2 Run program within the app, click on the stretch segment, click play and follow along. It’s one of my favorite things about the app. Without a plan I just don’t stretch as much as I know I should. Are you anything like me? Truthfully I wish I could just have some stretch me haha.

You can just click play and follow along. 

Join our K2 Run training plan to run pain free again by clicking here, even if it’s just for the stretching ?

Best Stretches For Runners Hip

best stretches for runners hip
Don’t neglet your foam roller!

Best muscle group to target when foam rolling to loosen up your hip is:

Your quads.

We use the foam roller in the “prep” section within our K2 Fitness app to help break up any muscle adhesions within the muscle tissue. They key here is to spend long enough time on the muscle group, spend two minutes per side. If you don’t give your body and your muscles a change to release you are going to end up just aggravating it even more.

The series I’m sharing below is the proper way to stay pain free for the long term.

Step 1 – Foam roll

Step 2 – Stretch

Step 3 – Activate the muscle that needs to be firing

So, grab your foam roller, and make this a part of your practice before you run to help your hip!

If your quads are tight, your hip flexors are going to be tight. Do this first.

Best stretches for runners hip stretch:

If you have a band, this stretch will change your life. I should save the contract and relax method is what will change your life.

The band acts as a stretching buddy and the “contract” method allows the muscle that is tight to get “tired” and allow you to stretch further. For example (referencing the video below)

  • If I’m trying to stretch my hip…I squeeze my glute as hard as I can and I will feel the stretch in my hip flexor.
  • Once I stop squeezing my glute the band will pull me forward and allow me to get a deeper stretch IF I BREATHE
  • Repeat this method “contract for 5 seconds” and “relax” and breathe deeper into the stretch for two minutes

Click the video below to hear and see what I’m talking about.

If your mobility isn’t improving read this.

It’s by far one of the best stretches for runners hip.
If you did this just this one stretch 2 minutes per day it would change your life.

Best exercise to correct muscle imbalances in runners hip is:

This is where the long term change happens. Of course this is one just one exercise of one muscle group but you get what I’m saying. This is where the magic happens.

You released your muscle, you stretched it, now it is time to get your glutes to fire. Strong glutes will take pressure off of your back, make you a better runner, make you look better in your pants, I mean c’mon all the things happen from building your glutes.

Perform the single leg glute bridge hold

2 sets x 30 seconds a piece to get that bad boy firing. If you want to work your legs more then check out this blog post on the five leg exercises you need to be doing by clicking here.

How To Put This Into Action

When you think about stretching whether it’s for your hip, your back, you name it, you need to think about things from a global perspective. You will gain this through education and following a proper program if you don’t already. This is why strength training on the days you aren’t running is so crucial to your success.

For example if you are having pain in your knee. It could be coming from:

  • Not following a program that gradually progresses you? Doing the same thing over and over again?
  • Tight quads? Tight quads pull on your knee and can cause a lot of pain.
  • Lack of muscle firing? For example – if you glutes are firing you can develop some unwanted back pain.

You get what I’m saying? That’s why you will see the foam roll, stretch, and activate videos attached with each target area. 


What you don’t want to happen is to walk away with some knowledge and then do nothing about it.  Having an understanding about what stretches to do for your hip, hamstring, groin, etc and all that is great but you want to create an action plan. Here are some options for you:

  1. Make it a morning stretch routine (free – requires more discipline and work)


  1. Try our run training app to start running pain free and take all the guesswork out of what you should be doing

We gave you a plan of action to fix pain from “runners knee” and gave you the best stretches to do for your hip, hamstring, groin, glutes, and anything else you want to see. Be sure to comment below and we are happy to help! 

Don’t just take this information and store it in your brain. You saw how much of our run training plans are centered around preparation and recovery. Shift your mindset to be the same! 

Train hard, recover harder and your body will thank you! 

best stretches for runners hip
Coach Kevin & Katie running pain free 🙂

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