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Today you get a sneak peek into our K2 Everyday Fitness Program

Video breakdown can be viewed here (35 seconds)

The conditioning workout requires the following minimal equipment and only 20 minutes:

  • A pair of dumbbells.

Suggested weight:

  • Men (25-35 lbs)
  • Women (15-25 lbs)

Exercise you need to learn to do this workout safely:

  • DB Hang Snatch

You can view the full tutorial by clicking here.

Workout (20 Minutes)

Begin a running clock and complete:

  1. Run x 400 meters (.25 on treadmill)
  2. Double Hang DB Snatch x 10 

NOTE: The sooner you finish the more rest you get! 

When the clock hits 5:00 minutes repeat. 

What should you do if you can’t do that exercise?

This movement can be tricky on your lower back if you haven’t mastered how to hinge properly

  • Perform DB Push Press x 15 reps to take the pressure off your back.

Workout notes:

This workout is short and sweet. Offers you the benefits of high intensity interval training. You are encouraged to push your pace so you can earn some rest before your stop watch hits 5:00 minutes. 

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