Run Training Plan For Those Ready To Make Fitness A Priority

run training plan
You ready to become a better runner?

When I first started running I would just open my front door, do a couple of stretches and just run the same distance day in and day out. I would sign up to run in a local 5k to motivate me to not miss any of my runs the weeks leading up to the event. Unfortunately I kept getting the same result every time I would do an event and I wasn’t getting any faster. I wanted to run faster and wanted a run training plan.

Also I started to learn about “black hole” training versus following a run training plan and if you are anything like me you searched the internet only to find generic run programs that really aren’t that far off from what I was currently doing. Which was something along the lines of:

Monday – Run x 3 miles @ easy pace

Tuesday – “Cross train”

Wednesday – Run x 3 miles @ easy pace

Thursday – Interval Run

Friday  – Rest

Saturday or Sunday – Long Run

In fact I would follow a plan like the one above and a lot of people have great success from this but I wanted something with more variety, more progression, pace work, fartlek runs, all the things I had learned about being a professional athlete. Now, outside of athletics I wanted to follow a run training plan that had just as much detail and couldn’t find it. 

That’s why after training with United States Special Operators in the military I decided to release my run training plan. My name is Kevin Andres and I help and I create run training plans. Within this blog I’m going to educate you about our upcoming run training plan to help you run faster and have more fun on your runs. 

Today we will talk about:

  • Determine If This Run Training Plan Is For You
  • Deep Dive Into What A Day/Week Of Run Training Looks Like
run training plan

Is This Run Training Plan For You:

Are you ready to take your fitness seriously? Fitness is all about having the right mindset. You can find a way to get your workouts in or you can find an excuse. The only thing fair in life is that we all have the same 24 hours. 

That being said…

I know that juggling work, kids, school, relationships, all of that is very hard. This is why following a plan is a game changer. It takes all of the guesswork out and you just have to execute each workout but most importantly, just show up. Commit to showing up and being consistent. 

The run training plan:

  • 3 days a week
  • 60* minutes
  • Created for people who are ready to take their fitness seriously

New Run Training Plan To Run A 5K

Starts August 16!

This six week run training plan is going to challenge your strength endurance and help prepare you for a 5k. Throughout the six week training plan we will perform a 800 and 1600 meter time trial. 

Here is why:

Look, I’m aware that most people just want to finish the run. That’s awesome and I love that for you. But, if you are going to log the miles and put in the time then I’m going to encourage you to follow a thought out run training plan that focuses on building your aerobic capacity, your speed, and improving your threshold. Because it feels good to PR! It feels good to get faster, to see improvement and oh by the way…

You get a better body composition!

run training plan
Everything is won in the preparation

How Each Week Of The Run Training Plan Looks:

For those of you who really like detail, love to see the structure and understand where the training plan is going to take you… I get it. Above is a screen shot taken directly from our K2 Run program within our fitness app. 

So here you go and here is what you can expect to:

  • Get back into a routine
  • Run faster
  • Feel better in your clothes
  • Have a sense of accomplishment day in and day out
  • Lose the worry of stressing of what you should be doing

Or should I say…here is what you can expect 🙂

  • Prep Work (foam roll and stretching to prepare for the run)
  • Warm Up (running drills and run mechanics)
  • Run Workout (varies depending upon the agenda, typically 30 minutes)
  • Recovery Work (foam roll to help promote recovery)
  • Stretching 

Having the proper mindset and setting goals is integral to your success. That’s why we have workout notes in every run you do to encourage you, inspire you and bring out the best in you.

Starts August 16th!


I talked about how when I first started running how I was tired of generic training programs that didn’t lead to any real success. So I decided to release the same run training plans I used for myself, elite special operators in the United States Military and men and women who simply want to get better at running.

We have a new run training plan that is starting August 16! It’s going to be three days a week of fun and if you are ready to get serious you can join by clicking here!

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run training plan
Your coaches Kevin & Katie

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