Ring Dips

ring dip

Ring dips are super challenging. Can’t you see the look on my face that I love them? 


I actually do love ring dips but man they are significantly more challenging that stationary dips aren’t they! 

I don’t know if you are here because you are looking for ring dip progressions to learn how to master the ring muscle up or what but regardless I’m going to walk you through 7 of my favorite ring dip progressions to help you improve your:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Confident on the rings

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Full video tutorial

7 Progressions To Master The Ring Dip

The ring dip is a push exercise that works your pecs, triceps, all that good stuff. Make sure you have adequate pushing strength first.

I recommend begin able to do 10 reps of each exercise in the progression series before you attempt the next progression.

Not the other way around.

Build the strength and foundation first.

So what’s first…

…you have to master the push up!

#1 Master The Push Up With Correct Form First

Notice how my elbows stay tucked in

If you noticed in the ring dip video at the “support position” my hands are turned out.

That’s the strongest and safest position of the shoulder.

During your push up you can begin to create good habits by practicing that now by screwing your hands into the floor like I mention in the video above.

When you do this your elbows will stay tucked by your sides and help you develop the tricep strength that will be needed to perform ring dips properly without wrecking your shoulders.

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

10-15 reps (chest to floor)

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

#2 Ring Support Hold

Elbows pinned out. Chest up. Show me your palms.

Okay so ring support holds are an extremely challenging exercise.

I don’t care if you have been working out for years. They are tough.

If you are new to rings then be ready.

In the video I talk about how important it is to have your elbows punch out strong and the rings externally rotated.

This is important because it’s the safest position of the shoudler.

Believe me, your body is going to look for ways to make it easier:

  • Cross your feet
  • Have your legs behind your back
  • Hand and shoulders dive in

Don’t do any of those things.

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

10-15 second ring support hold

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

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#3 Bottom Push Up Hold

Elbows tucked in nice and tight. Way to go Katie!

We are taking one step away from the ring to work on the bottom push up hold.

You can see doing isometric holds are key to improving strength and positioning before moving to the next progression.

I had you focus on holds at the top of the rings, now I want you to get used to that bottom push up before you move onto the rings because the next drill is going to require a ton of strength.

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

20-30 second bottom push up hold

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

#4 Bottom Ring Dip Position Hold

Video shows a pulse (harder version) but you get the idea

Okay guys so now we are back onto the rings but here is the deal…

…this is tough.

You can’t try to do this half a** you have to commit to seeking to the bottom of the dip.

If you try and just go half way down your shoulders will flare out and it will do more harm than good.

Commit to dropping into the full bottom of the dip position.

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

10-15 second bottom support hold

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

#5 Stationary Dip

This was a cooler picture than a dip 🙂

We have now done several pushing drills to help you develop the strength and stability of the dip by “owning” the position.

Now we can start to work on building your work capacity and strength endurance so when you get over to the rings you can crank out reps.

Couple of things here though:

  • Maintain a strong hollow body position when doing dips (don’t cross your feet and put them behind you)
  • Lean forward in your deep and sink into the bottom of the dip
  • Pin your shoulders back

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

10-15 strict stationary dips

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

#6 Box Or Banded Dips

The banded dip is a more complex than the box dip but I feel is more of what the dip will feel lke

Although I don’t have a video for the box dip it’s simple.

Just have your feet on top of the rings and perform the dips.

The banded dip is difficult to get into that’s really it. Outside of that it’s a great ring dip progression! Just be sure to

turn the rings out at the top of your dip like we mentioned in the other videos as well.

I know you are ready to get to the strict ring dip and we are close! If you are doing this progression right this should

begin to feel easy! And that’s the idea. I’m wanting to get your comfortable on the rings so as you move forward

to the next progression you feel confident and ready to rip them out.

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

10-15 box or banded dips

before you move on to the next ring dip progression

#7 Weighed Ring Dip Negatives

Video shows me pushing up. But to perform a proper negative — control down and then jump back to the top

When you want to get stronger you will get the best bang for your buck when you work on quality negatives or


Any time you are working on controlling down.

We also talk about this in our 6 steps to master the handstand push up. Build the strength foundation first, then

strength endurance, negatives and then you will be able to knock out reps!

I recommend you being able to do:

4 sets

3-5 reps of QUALITY negatives before attempting your ring dip

Tell Me Your Ways Man!

See what ten things Kevin does every single day.


I gave you a step by step progression to master ring dips. Each video or progression gets gradually harder as you

master stability, positioning and strength.

I also gave you a recommended number of sets and reps you should be able to do before you move onto the next


I hope you found this article to be helpful and if you want to see other content that breaks down the steps to master

and exercise let me know in the comments below!


One thing to keep in mind the best way to reach your goals is to work with a coach, follow a program and get

plugged into a good community that is going to help bring the best out of you.

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