Reverse Plank

reverse plank
I’ll show you the two most important things that most people aren’t intentional about.

The reverse plank is awesome. This plank variation is great for your opening up your chest (when done

properly) more on that later.

Think of it like this:

  • You work your biceps…you want to work your tricep
  • You work your chest…you work your back
  • You do shoulder want to do pull ups or (vertical pulling)

You get the idea.

You want to be balanced.

In this blog post I’ll go over:

  • how to do the reverse plank (got a great video tutorial for ya)
  • educate you on which muscles are worked

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How To Do A Reverse Plank

Check out the short tutorial if you are a visual learner

In the video if have to actively work to open up your chest and squeeze your glutes.

But sometimes opening up your chest and rolling your shoulders back can be challenging…

…if that’s the case try this stretch:

reverse plank
If you can lift your hips just work on rolling your shoulders back (notice which way my hands are facing)

If you have a difficult time getting your shoulders back it’s going to limit your ability to DRIVE your hips up and squeeze your glutes.

Reverse Plank Muscles Worked

If you have a difficult time getting your hips up your butt may never get off of the floor.

Two things you can do:

  • continue to work on your shoulder mobility (the photo above is the reverse table stretch)
  • put your hands on some plates behind you so that you upper body is higher

Isometric holds are great for developing strength and that’s what we are trying to do with the reverse plank hold or any plank variation for that matter.

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Reverse Plank Variations & 2 Of My Favorites

Reverse Plank (Elbow)

You got a glimpse of how challenging the reverse plank hold was on the hands.

Requires you to really open up your chest and squeeze your glutes.

Now, if you drop down to your elbows you are going to have to really work hard to squeeze your shoulders together and drive through your hips!

Chinese Plank

The chinese plank is a great beginner core exercise to start to work on strengthening your glutes and getting strong isometic holds.

This exercise still gives you the glute activation you want but doesn’t require the shoulder mobility that’s needed for the reverse plank.

  • Increase the duration first (30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, etc)
  • Then add weight and do the same things with weight on your chest (30 seconds, 45 seconds, etc)

Weighted Plank

Notice the thumbnail I have below?

Now that’s not a weighted plank, but THAT POSITION you can see all of my musculature activated.

I show you that position in the video because if you can’t get into a proper hollow body that you aren’t going to feel the muscles activate when you do a plank with or without weight.

Click on the video to see what I’m talking about.

The king of all core exercises is the L Sit so if you really want a challenge check out this 10 step guide on how to start working on this progression.

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I gave you some take aways of how to maximize your efforts and WHY you should start doing the good ole reverse plank more often in your workouts.

  • Gave you some 2 things to do if you can't get into position (stretch & raise hands)
  • Gave you 3 of my favorite plank variations (reveres plank from elbows, chinese, and weighted)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reverse plank good for?

The reverse plank is an awesome varation of planks because it helps to strengthen and activate your glutes. You will also feel an amazing stretch in your shoulders. Keep your shoulders pinned back and squeeze your glutes!

Is a reverse plank better than a normal plank?

The reason to do a "normal" plank and a reverse plank is to have proper muscle balance. Think of it like any other muscle. If you work your biceps you want to work your triceps. If you push, you want to pull. The reverse plank should be added to your core routine to prevent muscles imbalances and help to wake up those glutes!!

Are reverse planks harder?

Reveres planks really challenge you because it requires you to have a good amount of shoulder mobility. If you lack shoulder mobility it's pretty difficult to roll your shoulders back to open up your chest and drive your hips up to squeeze your glutes!

Are reverse planks safe?

Yes. The biggest challenge you will have is if your chest is really tight and have a difficult time rolling your shoulders back to get your hips up high enough to squeeze your glutes.

If you have any additional questions just leave them in the comments below

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