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Choose the Right Online Training Program For You

We help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Join us by choosing the workout plan that's right for you!


K2 Executive WOD

$49 /month
  • MINIMAL equipment required
  • 30-45 minute total body workouts
  • DESIGNED for the "on the go" person
  • Daily WOD workout of the day (6)

K2 Fitness WOD

$99 /month
  • ACCESS to: Barbell, KB or DB's, Pull Up Bar, Bike or Rower
  • 60 minute HIIT training
  • FEEL good, look good, and stretch the boundaries of a "normal workout"
  • Daily WOD workout of the day (6)

workout for abs

K2 Athlete WOD

$125 /month
  • ACCESS to full gym or you have your own equipment
  • 60-90+ minutes w/ 2x a day option
  • FOR serious athletes and competitors
  • Daily WOD workout of the day (5)


K2 Run WOD

$29 /month
  • BEST thing you could add to your training
  • OPTIONS for beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • CHANGE how you feel about running
  • Daily WOD workout of the day (3)

Trust is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Kevin. His methodology, demeanor and unique approach to an individuals needs and motivations makes him a standout Personal Trainer. He takes the time to know you and motivate you in a way that empowers you to achieve your goals, no matter what. He’s the best I’ve ever worked with, and his results show! - Sara C.

The Ksquaredfitness programing under the daily training of Kevin & Katie Andres has made a huge change in my life. I have only been working out with Kevin for several months but the results speak volumes. I have learned new movements and been coached the correct form on even the most basic of lifts. During my short time with Kevin I have set PR’s on Back Squat and Deadlift (we haven’t tested Bench Press yet). My back squat is up 85 lbs. I have been able to front squat in the front rack position, which wasn’t possible before due to my lack of flexibility. He has introduced stretching routines into my daily activities (where I was encouraged to breath into my stretching, to relax, and pray since he knew about my faith in Christ). He has helped get me on a cardio plan. My cardio endurance maybe the biggest difference since working with Kevin. When I first began his routines I couldn’t finish them… Now I am comfortable having my heart rate in the 165-175 range for our entire hour workout. It is normal to burn around 1000 calories in my hour workout. My weight is down 6 lbs but my muscle mass is up 3.5% which reminds me even from a numbers perspective that what we are doing at 6 am is working… My pants fit better around my waist and I feel more confident in the way I look in T-Shirts. But this is just the results part… What I haven’t mentioned is about how much Kevin cares for his clients. I can feel that too. He pushes you. He checks in on you. He is interested in your life outside of the gym. We have a tight knit community that we are a part of and under his leadership we push and encourage one another. I look forward to working out. I can now look at a daily program which makes me shake my head (because it looks so hard) and then I think to myself “I can do that”, which wasn’t there a short time ago… If you like to throw around weight, meet new people, get pushed outside of your comfort zones, get stronger, and feel better about your overall health, jump into the Ksquared Fitness programing with two feet today. - Kris T.

As a former fitness professional, Katie and Kevin are absolutely coaches I would love to hire. He is a constant professional, pursues excellence in himself and for his clients, and he has the ability to not only lead & teach others but also the ability to support his clients and all those around him to ignite their internal motivation. They are awesome! - Katherine D.

I met Kevin during my initial onboarding and we immediately hit it off. He sized me up as a back/bi’s and Chest /tri’s guy which was spot on. I’ve been working out for 25 years but I had never worked with a trainer before so I was skeptical to say the least , but Kevin proved me wrong. The efficiency his workouts provide along with the functional movements he’s taught me have changed the way I workout. Most importantly, I’m also proud to call him a friend! - Mike S.

I’m gaining so much knowledge and belief in myself from training with Katie & Kevin. There demeanor and expertise gives you the enthusiasm and confidence to step up and get it done and have some fun! I appreciate his constant encouragement and personalized attention. He sends us each and as a group follow up texts to check in and give positive feedback... I look forward to my workouts with Kevin which says a lot since leaving my house before 6am is not typically my favorite thing! Thanks Coach! - Liz J.

Kevin pushes me harder than anyone in my life so far. He is literally a brother for me and has taught me so much! Completely changed my life and my workout ethic. He is the real deal and lives by everything he asks us to do when we train with hie hardest working men I know and if you’re lucky enough to train with him you will see results 100% Guaranteed. - Alex P. 

I have been with Kevin for over two years now+... genuine hard working guy who pushes you and that’s what you need to achieve your goals...I am thrilled to have him as my trainer. - Sricharan M.

Kevin met my husband and I, he convinced us to test his program. We started the next week. His workouts test all my limits and more. He recognizes the opportunity and potential in everyone’s individual body and challenges them to elevate their training in every single class. - Trish W.

Along with my marathon training I decided to work with Kevin to improve my overall strength and core. So glad I did. Without his help I would have never been able to beat my goal time. Kevin’s training was pivotal in my success. Thanks so much!! - Simon S.

Hi there!  My name is Emily and KSquared Fitness has honestly changed my life!  I moved to Tennessee Dec.30th, 2018 with the intention to start off 2019 the right way.  I had promised myself that I would no longer live in a toxic environment, that I would switch to a plant based diet, and that I would be the most physically fit and healthy version of myself that I have ever been.  I had no intention of working with a personal trainer, but I ended up getting connected with Kevin. He broke down his program for me and showed me how willing he was to help me reach my personal goals! This program is so intentional the way it targets every muscle group and has purposeful time slots for conditioning.  Also, during each group workout, I am reminded that I have new friends around me who support me and push me toward achieving what I want!!! I have now lost 10lb of unhealthy weight, and I am twice as strong!!! I am so happy! If you want to become a better you… join the KSquaredFit family. YOU WON’T REGRET IT! - Emily S.

Kevin is the kind of person you always want on your team, personally and professionally.  During my time in athletics, the military, and even in my private sector career, Kevin stands out as one of the top coaches and mentors with whom I’ve interacted.  From day one, he immediately went above and beyond to show that he truly cares. First, during a training session, he’s going to give you 100%, no matter what. Second, he checks in regularly to seek feed back to improve your training AND himself, provides accountability, and also, just to see how you’re feeling or how your day is going.  And finally, his ability to create a community that thrives both in and out of the gym is uncanny. He brings people together. The total value of working with Kevin far exceeds the sticker price and I would (and have) recommend him to anyone. - Jamie H.