On Ramp To K Squared Fitness Program Week Outline

We are pumped to have you join our K Squared Fitness community! In efforts to help you get the most out of the program we want to utilize this week to OnBoard you to our program so you know how to utilize your resources, answer FAQs, and gather some baseline data from you! 

We are going to teach you how to maximize your time and get the results you want. 

To do this we have to focus on big muscle groups. Squat, hinge, push, pull, and core strength. We don’t just want to tell you what to do, we want you to know why. If we can get more lean muscle mass you can burn more calories throughout your workout as opposed to not focusing on strength training. 

Focus on you what you are capable of:

If you don’t have perfect form doing it, we don’t want you doing it. We take what we believe is the best approach when exercising. Start with what you are capable of and when you are ready to “level up” do so. Not the other way around. We want to choose the right “stimulus’ or exercise that fits you best. This is going to help you 

  • Master each position
  • Move better
  • Prevent plateau
  • Keep training fun
  • Feel more confident with the exercise

Sloppy Form:

Don’t get sloppy with form just to get a “good workout” in. If an exercise is too challenging, level down. We want you to move with good range of motion. Never compromise this. 

Get To Work:

We provide you with a very detailed plan and want you to execute.  Your entire workout is on a clock to hold you accountable and keep you moving. If the movements are too difficult, level down. If the reps are too many, reduce the reps. But we want you to stick to the time domain. 

The on ramp workouts will be intentionally smaller and shorter. 

We want you to begin to grasp the flow, and the main movements we are going to cover.

Squat, Pull Up, Push Up, V Up, Deadlift, Plank, Handstand Push Up, Kettlebell Swing, L Sit, Wall Ball, Burpee, Hollow Body, Toes to Bar. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to do all of those? Or even know what they all mean 🙂

We will guide you, progress you and each week give you the option to “level up”.  

workout for abs
Crush it this week!

We are coaches:

If you have any questions, reach out to us @ contact@ksquaredfitness.com and we are happy to help you. 


Watch the videos and get familiar with the exercises and do them properly. This is not a race. Learn to appreciate mobility and stretching and how much better your body feels. We look forward to having you crush it this week!

Comment below with any questions that you would like to have answered over the next week and we will be sure to get you the support/resources you need to be successful!

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