On Ramp K Squared Fitness Day 5

workout for abs
Sprints are back today.

Prep (2 Minutes)


  1. Quad Roll x 60 seconds
  1. T Spine Opener x 60 seconds

Core (5 Minutes)

V Up Progression



  1. Tuck Wrap x 30 seconds

Strength + Conditioning (15 Minutes)


Every 7:30 Minutes x 2 sets

Perform each movement x 60 seconds

  1. Cardio (Row if possible)
  1. Single Under or Jumping Jack 
  1. Assisted Bodyweight Squat 
  1. DB Floor Press 

Running Intervals (25 Minutes)


Four sets of:

  1. Sprint x 35 seconds (Run if possible)
  1. Rest x 2 Minutes
  1. Sprint x 15 seconds 
  1. Rest x 60 seconds

Goal distance during 35 second sprint 

.12/.11/.09 or 200/175/150 meters 

Goal distance during 15 second sprint 


The benefits of being a power athlete has more benefits than just being fast. You develop fast twitch muscle fibers which aid in building muscle. We want muscle, it helps us burn fat. 

workout for abs
Earn it.

Way to go this week!! You got a taste of how each workout of the day flows now. You see how important it is to stretch, workout abs, focus on different areas of strength and the variety of different cardio sections.

Now that you are familiar with the flow, how to reference the videos get out there and have some fun training!

What are your top three take aways from the week?

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