On Ramp K Squared Fitness Day 4

workout for abs

Prep (2 Minutes)


  1. PVC Lat Stretch x 60 seconds
  1. Puppy Dog Stretch x 60 seconds

Core (5 Minutes)

L Sit Progression



  1. Lean Back Leg Raise  x 30 seconds

Strength (15 Minutes)

Handstand Push Up + Pull Up Progression


Every 90 seconds x 5 sets

  1. L Sit Press  x 30 seconds
  1. Jumping Chest to Bar x 30 seconds

Rowing Intervals (24 Minutes)


Every 4 minutes x 6 sets 

  1. Cardio x 2 Minutes (Row if possible)

Goal meters – 500/400/325 

Go hard for two minutes, rest for two minutes. Simple enough. This type of training is an extremely effective way to get your heart rate up and have just enough rest to be able to go hard again. Push yourself each set, get after it!

workout for abs
Work hard on that core series. Your abs will come.

Comment below how today went and any questions you may have about your workout.

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