On Ramp K Squared Fitness Day 3

Get outside if possible today for your run!

Prep (2 Minutes)


  1. Lower Back Roll x 60 seconds
  1. Squat to Stand x 60 seconds

Core (5 Minutes)

Toes to Bar Progression



  1. Hanging Tuck Raise OR Tuck Rock* x 30 seconds

*Tuck rock is performed if you don’t have a pull up bar. 

Strength (15 Minutes)

Deadlift + Kettlebell Swing Progression


Every 90 seconds x 5 sets

Both movements to be completed within the 90 second interval. 

  1. Cat + Cow x 30 seconds
  1. Reverse Hyper x 30 seconds

Running Intervals (25 Minutes)


Three sets of:

  1. Cardio x 8 Minutes (Run if possible) 
  2. Walk x 2 Minutes  

Goal distances:

On Treadmill:



1600/1400/1200 meters 

run pace calculator
Be sure to stretch after your run!

Comment below how today went and any questions you may have about your workout.

Did you you like sprints on Day 1 or the endurance work from today?

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