On Ramp K Squared Fitness Day 2

Prep (2 Minutes)


  1. Pec Smash x 60 seconds
  1. PNF Pec Stretch x 60 seconds

Core (5 Minutes)

Plank Progression



  1. Tuck Hold on Hand x 30 seconds

Strength (15 Minutes)

Push Up + Burpee Progression


Every 90 seconds x 5 sets 

Perform both exercises within the 90 second interval. 

  1. DB Floor Press x 30 seconds
  1. Bodyweight Hip Thrust x 30 seconds

Rowing Intervals (25 Minutes)


For time:

  1. Cardio x 25 Minutes (Row if possible)

Goal distances if rowing:

  • 6000/4950/4200 meters 

Don’t let the distance intimidate you, associate this with positive things. 

  1. This is going to increase my endurance
  2. I’m going to feel really good about myself for completing this
  3. Things that challenge me, change me
workout for abs
How did that rowing feel today?

Comment below how today went and any questions you may have about your workout.

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