New Run Training Plan Starting!

run training
Starts this Monday you ready?!

What’s up team we are going to be starting a new run training cycle this upcoming Monday!

Summer time is approaching and it’s my favorite time to gather a group of friends and start to log a few miles. If you are anything like me you don’t like running in the cold!

Doesn’t mean I don’t do it though…

…haha but then again I’m a little crazy.

In today’s blog I’ll give you a quick overview of what to expect for this up coming run cycle!

If you want to jump to all the details about getting plugged in then check this out.

If you prefer video then check out this one above. Down below I’ll be doing a deeper dive on what to expect.

What To Expect This Run Training Program

I actually really love running.

I don’t run nearly as much as I used to when I was younger and doing more endurance events.

  • 5k’s
  • 10k’s
  • Half Marathons
  • Short distance triathlons.

Now that that I am involved in more strength training I wanted to create a program that would still allow me to be a competitive runner but not have to run everyday.

This program is designed to have you enjoy running and become more efficient.

  • 3 days a week
  • 20-40 minute run workouts
  • Fartlek, speed work and endurance training to maximize your efficiency
running 5k

3 Run Workouts Per Week

Each week we will provide you with 3 run workouts. Below is an outline of how each day will look.

Day 1 – Speed Work

Here is an inside look of the notes from within our run training app:

We are going to begin to build your strength and your body’s ability to push the pace. Take it one set at a time, drink water and branch chain amino acids between your sets. With only 90 seconds between sets your legs and lungs are going to get tight, and that’s okay. Day 1 of a new run cycle, start off strong!

Day 2 – Muscular Endurance With Fartlek Intervals

On day 2 we are going to work on challenging your pace with our “push” pace that will be slightly faster than your desired pace.

Then give you medium rest break then ask you to do it again.

Little note about this style of training. If you want to run faster and you get out and run the same loop, the same pace, the same run workout every week. You will not get faster.

Of course your body will adapt to the distance/time duration that you are running but you don’t get faster by simply trying to run your 2 mile loop faster each week.

That may work for a little while but it’s not nearly as effective as fartlek or speed training.

Day 3 – Endurance

If you want to run faster and improve your performance you must have adequate “aerobic capacity” which essential means enough gas in the tank to perform the speed work without bonking out.

Think of it like this:

If you run 800 meters as fast as you can in lets just say 3:30 minutes and then you take a 3 minute rest break which is a pretty good amount of rest and you run your next 800 meters in…


Then that’s a HUGE drop off.

In fitness we want to be able to repeat our efforts. Of course we will have some drop off with our splits but the better your aerobic capacity the more efficient of a runner you are going to be.

That’s what we will work on for day 3 of your run program.

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More Than Just A Run Program Though…

Although I’m crazy confident our run training program is going to help you reach your goals we are going to guide you through a comprehensive of:

  • Foam roll/tissue prep
  • Proper run warm up
  • Run workout (very detailed)
  • Foam roll/recover work
  • Stretching

How to warm up for a run post can be found here by the way.

The entire program will be accessed through our run training app and it looks like this:

running 5k
Here is the preview of the workout

Then once you click on each of the sections videos will pop up and simply guide you through the entire workout.

Pretty sick!

We have worked really hard to create this platform to make your training experience as good as possible so you aren’t having to reference back and forth PDF’s how long to rest, how far to run, etc.

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Listen I could go on and on about everything that is within the program but the best thing for you to do is just jump right in with us and join us! But here is a recap:

I'll be taking you through a 6 week progression that is geared towards making you a more efficient runner.

Week 1: we will do some testing

Week 2-5: we will increase the volume of running over the course of the weeks and challenge you to get faster 🙂

Week 6: we will re test some of the runs you did back in week 1 and see how you progressed.

OF COURSE there is going to be a community backing you, myself coaching you, detailed run workouts, strength training routines to do on your off days, mobility, stretching, etc you name it.

I take great pride in the detail that I put into the run training programs that we create.

Just like anything though...

...the best run training program out there is the one that you are going to do!

But having a good coach and community certainly helps.

Hope to see you on the other side!

at home workout plan
Your coaches Kevin & Katie

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the run training cycle?

3 days

How long are the workouts?

Foam roll- 5 minutes

Detailed warm up - 15 minutes (running drills and priming the body like this)

What is a run training "cycle"

A training cycle is essentially a fresh start. We are all started on the same page and gradually increasing the volume over the weeks. This is how you prevent plataeu and avoid burnout from not seeing results.

What is a good run training schedule?

Most generic run training plans have you run 3 miles every other day during the week and then slowly increase the volume of the runs on the weekend. But this is not a generic run training plan. I talk more in detail about our run program here.

How to structure my running week?

This is tailored to everyone. I encourage everyone to move in some capacity daily. The question you are probably asking is more about your running I would assume.

Within our program as you saw above our format is speed, fartlek, and muscular endurance. With a thorough warm up, mobility and recovery protocols after the workouts as well.

Any more questions just leave them in the comments below and I'm happy to answer more.

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