New Clients – What to Expect

Congrats for coming on board – I’m excited to have you! You can expect great results to come!

My goal with every client is to give you the tools to be successful. Our training system is focused on 3 main criteria: core strength, movement quality, and intensity.

The more muscle our body has, the more calories our body burns. If you want to lose weight, tone up, or lower your body fat percentage… we need to wake up your muscles.

Our program starts by first mastering movement: 

  1. Establish adequate mobility
  2. Master technique
  3. Strength training 

You must have adequate mobility and perfect technique before you begin to demand the body with strength training so you can prevent injury.

The four primary movements we will focus on are:

  1. Squat
  2. Hinge – Deadlift, kettlebell swings, rowing.
  3. Push – Horizontal and Vertical 
  4. Pull – Horizontal and Vertical 

I know you want to maximize your time in the gym, therefore you want to focus on movements that recruit the largest muscle groups. The larger the muscle group is that you target, the more energy expenditure (aka more calories are burned).

Everything we do will be progressive:

  1. Master your body weight
  2. Master Kettlebells & Dumbbells
  3. Master the Barbell – Barbell training allows for the most amount of weight to be lifted. The more weight, the more calories burned. 

I want you to be a master of movement quality. To do so it’s important to master the basics of fundamental movement.

We will provide 5 workouts per week:

Each portion of your workout will also be attached with a (x minutes) so you can prioritize what you need to focus on with the time that you have. 

  1. Core
  2. Strength
  3. Conditioning
  4. Additional Options

You will learn how you can maximize your time whether you have 15 minutes or 90 minutes.

Your exercises also need to be progressive.

Lets say a workout calls for:

Three rounds for time of: 

15 Kettlebell Swings

10 Pull Ups

5 Deadlifts 

This is what makes K Squared the best programming. Two, three, or four things are going to happen when you look at that. 

  1. I don’t know how to do a Kettlebell swing. I have seen people do one, but I don’t know if I can do that correctly.
  2. I can’t do a pull up, or at least not 10 of them, and it would take me forever.
  3. I don’t know what weight I should use on the deadlifts
  4. Okay, thats “easy” I’m ready. Well everything can be made a challenge. A heavier kettlebell, 10 pull ups in a row, and heavy deadlifts makes the workout more challenging and gives it an entire different feeling.

K Squared programming provides you with the progressive steps for you to be successful. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete. 

For instance:

Three rounds for time of:

Movement 1 –

15 Kettlebell Swings or 15 Kettlebell Deadlifts

Men use – 28/24/20 kg

Women use – 20/16/12 kg 

Movement 2 – 

10 Pull ups/ 10 Banded Pull Ups/ 5 Negative Pull Ups/ 10 Jumping Pull Ups/ 10 Ring Rows

Movement 3 –

5 Deadlifts 

Men use – 225/175/135 lbs

Women use – 135/115/95 lbs

Goal time is 5 minutes. 

We meet you where you are and build on that. 

For movement 2 lets say you did 10 ring rows, you now know your next level up is 10 jumping pull ups and we would want you to work towards that. 

Same goes for you guys and girls that want challenging workouts. 

So long as you have the adequate mobility and technique you would choose the first option in each movement which is the most challenging

Every 5 Minutes until you do not complete the interval in 5 minutes. 

Movement 1 –

20/18/16 Burpee + Lateral Jump Over Ladder or 20/18/16 Lateral Hops + 20/18/16 Push Ups 

Movement 2 –

20 Thrusters/ Front Squats @ Elite Weight/ DB Thruster @ ¼ Elite Weight

Men – 115/95/75 lbs

Women – 75/65/55 lbs

Movement 3 –

20 Toes to Bar/ 20 Knee Raises/20 Leg Raises/ 20 V Ups 

Example Flow of a workout day

  1. Core
  2. Strength ( Squat, Hinge, Push or Pull Focus)
  3. Build Muscle or Conditioning

Options to focus on:

  1. Running
  2. Rowing
  3. Biking
  4. Pull Up Drills
  5. Pushing Strength

You get it, we provide the options. 

Training Program Cycles

At K Squared we provide programs. We go through different training cycles throughout the year. Some training cycles are geared towards losing more body fat (near summer time), while some are targeted to build more muscle (which burns more calories).

If you did the same thing each week your body will eventually adapt to that and you will plateau.

Our workouts are constantly varied: This prevents plateau and boredom.

This doesn’t mean that we are coming up with different exercises every time you come in. However, how you will see the exercises will be different. Some days you might row 500 meters, some days 1500, some days 250, etc. 

Energy system training simply put with our program

  1. Some days are going to be endurance (Aerobic) 
  2. Some days are going to be sprints (Anaerobic) AKA can’t breathe
  3. Some days are going to be intervals (HIIT training)

What is an EMOM 

EMOM – Every minute on the minute

For example:

10 minute EMOM of:

10 Push ups

If set one took you 20 seconds, you rest 40 seconds. 

Set two took you 30 seconds, you rest 30 seconds. 

Set 7 took you 47 seconds, you rest 13 seconds. 

One rule we have is if the set takes you longer than the 60 seconds we would want you to stop and rest for the upcoming minute. This way you don’t feel defeated in continuing to miss the minutes and also encourages you to sprint through your movement going forward so you earn more rest. 

What is an AMRAP

AMRAP – As many reps or rounds as possible 

For example :

10 minute AMRAP

250 meter row 

20 Body weight squats

10 Push ups

You would complete that series as many times as possible during the 10 minute duration. 

We are thrilled for you to start our training program!

  1. Follow us on Instagram @getksquaredfit so we can keep you in the loop with everything. 
  2. Take before photos ( Front, Side, & Back) – please keep these photos for your own personal records so you can see yourself progress. We ask that you do not send these to us or show these to us.  
  3. Get your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend to join so you have added accountability. 
  4. Get after it.

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