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William Pogue Journey

William is going to show up and work hard. Although he is a world class jump rope athlete he was new to strength and conditioning. The style, the lifts, the amraps, emoms and all of that was new for him. He has embraced all of it and everyday he puts one foot in front of the other.

Here are just a few of his “stats” that have improved:

  • 1 Mile Run – 8:30 to 6:06
  • Power Clean – 95 to 185
  • Deadlift – 135 to 275+
  • Front Squat – 95 to 235+
  • Handstand Push Up – Non existent to 1 and handstand walking!

I’m sure there are many more as well. Watch this video of a few of his training clips this past year and read William’s story for some inspiration!

Check out William’s journey.

Hi, my name is William Pogue, and I have been using K squared fitness plans for 6 months. At the beginning of 2020, I decided that some big changes needed to be made in my life to become the man that I wanted to be. Going into the year I had not run more than 2 miles continuously in one run and feared running any kind of long-distance. I hated the pain in my chest and ran away from growth. I started off running long-distance runs from January through April which concluded with a half marathon I completed on my own in mid-April.

William working out with the crew.

I could run long distances, but I could not run fast. In May, I hopped on K squared fitness’s plans and started taking working out much more seriously. When I started, I cleaned 95 pounds, ran an 8:30 mile, and could do 1 pull up in a row. After 6 months I clean 185 pounds, run a 6:06 mile, and can do 10 pull ups in a row. I have more of a passion than ever to workout now. I showed up on the first day and showed up the day after.

Working out is a lifestyle change for me. It says out with the old and in with the new. I work hard every single workout because that is how I train discipline. I’m not naturally the greatest at working out, but I show up and put in the effort to grow. I found my reason for working out, and hold it close in my mind. Like I said earlier, I hadn’t run more than 2 continuous miles in one run before 2020, but by the end of this year I have logged over 300 miles in just my run workouts.


My man William came to us after being inspired by his older brother Alex and his transformation. William shows up everyday works hard and executes the plan of action. He is one of the fortunate ones who can train locally with us but while he is in school he follows completely online.

If you are ready to start your journey with us you can check out which online training programs we have to offer here.

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