Member Success Story – Jay Peterson

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Jay and his Wife Myra

Jay’s journey to better health

 In 2020 I started training with K2 Fitness after hernia surgery.  In 10 short months I got my full strength back, increased my flexibility, lost weight, improved endurance, my life got better and my sleep improved. 

 My K2 Fitness training provided positive results at work, at home and on the golf course.  Feeling better improved my confidence, helped me to become a better leader and person. 

 Looking forward to 2021. 

Jay Peterson

Mountain Glacier


There are a lot of things Jay didn’t speak to like his consistency and his determination to stick with the program. I love what he said though…” 10 short months”.

What a great perspective. When you are exercising to improve your mood, your health, your energy, you know that all of this is a process. Jay and his family has fully embraced the journey.

If you are ready to start your journey with us you can check out which online training programs we have to offer here.

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Your coaches Kevin & Katie

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