L Sit Progression + 10 Steps To Improve

L Sit progression

L Sit Progression + 10 Steps To Improve

Ever get a hip cramp when you try to do these? Are you a beginner and not sure where to start? Or maybe you see these in your crossfit workouts. Regardless the L Sit works your chest like no other and is one of the best workouts for abs on the planet. 

Today I will discuss:

  • How To Do An L Sit
  • L SIt Progression exercises
  • Show you where to start even if you are a beginner
  • Answer Frequently asked questions

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How To Do An L Sit

The L Sit hold is tough. It’s an isometric exercise that not only requires a ton of strength in your arms, chest, hip flexors (sneaky) and your abs but also requires mobility. The rule is you want to get your pointed toes over your hip crease. 

L Sit Progression: 10 Steps To Mastering The L Sit Hold

In crossfit we see a lot of L Sit holds used in ab workouts and a lot of people struggle getting into the proper position to obtain the stimulus necessary.

One thing I hear the most of is “ my hip flexor is cramping”.

Let’s address that first. 

Step One: – Release your Hip Flexor

Before we start addressing which exercises or what are the best crossfit workouts we want to do what everyone needs to do more of…and that’s tissue prep.

When muscles are tight and overactive it’s going to make it tough to get into the proper position. Release them first. 

Do this to release some tension in the muscle before you lengthen and strengthen.

Step Two – Stretch Hip Flexor

This hip flexor stretch is money.

You released your muscle, then lengthened it, now its time to strengthen the muscle.

If you want to get stronger and improve your mobility, it would be wise of you to look at what true mobility training is…

…it’s not just stretching. I’m talking about getting STRONG and creating real mobility.

Check out how we train mobility here.

L Sit Progression Exercise 1 

Whether you are a beginner or not this is where you should start.

This exercise alone will give you a good workout for abs and light up your hip flexors.

We teach our clients to build the foundation first, we want you to do the same.

Build the foundation first.

Another thing to consider is the height of your p bars. (higher is easier)

Accumulate time under tension in the right position.

L Sit Progression 2

After getting the feel for the exercise it’s time to add the Tuck Hold and begin to accumulate time with your knees above your hips.

This exercise is hard enough for most.

What’s important is getting your muscles to activate and fire properly. This goes for any exercise.

If you are doing an exercise incorrectly you aren’t going to feel it and you aren’t going to improve.

As I mentioned, take the time to truly master each step.

We have a very unique of progressing athletes on every exercise within our app. Check out this video to see how.

L Sit Progression 3

Things are starting to get more serious now and can get interesting when you go to throw that leg out! 

If you notice that one leg is not able to stay about your hip crease…

…two things could be happening:

  1. You have weak hip flexors
  2. You are tight hamstrings

Here is a blog post on how to stretch your hamstrings.

This begins to get challenging

Comment below where you struggled.

Did your toe drop below your hip crease? Could you not get your toe up above your hips?

Maybe your hamstrings are super tight. Try this

L Sit Progression 4

Now we combine the tuck tap + L Sit kick out.

Notice the progression.

Notice how we have taken time to master each position first.

You should use the principle when taking on any exercise. We do this with each and every exercise using our K2 Level System

The key is not to fire your leg out, but keep it out and hold for a few seconds.

L Sit Progression 5


You have learned the proper progression to learn how to do the L Sit Hold.

Comment below with how long you can hold it for!

Can you break 30 seconds? 

L Sit Progression 6

Uh oh still sticking around for some more l sit variations?!

If you are already killing L Sits then you would dig our K2 Gymnastics program. In our gymnastics or calisthenics training program we cover:

  • handstand walks
  • core strengthening
  • muscle ups
  • pull ups, dips, pistol squats, etc you name it
This a brutal l sit variation

L Sit Progression 7

You have made it this far, you might at well give it a try. 

The straddle l sit.

As you can see at K Squared Fitness we LOVE progression, and variety.

Once you master one skill, challenge yourself to learn and master a new skill. We love to keep training fun and train hard.

L Sit Progression 8

This one is fun, as all training should be!

The more you focus on building the foundations and gradually build up the more advanced training you can do! 

L Sit Too Tough? Need More Beginner Exercises? 

Do you feel like it’s still too tough and need alternative exercises for a beginner? 

Master this series:

Level 1 – Lean Back Leg Raise

Level 2 – Single Leg Pike Lift

Level 3 – Single Leg Pike Lift

These three ab exercises are going to strengthen your lower abs so add them to your workout routine and give them a try!

Once you build up confidence and strength with these exercises you can go back through the 10 step guide!

L Sit Progression Hanging 

The L Sit hold we walked you through earlier was all “pushing mechanics”.

How is your pulling strength?

You want to be equally balanced and that’s why in all of our online training programs we prioritize balance and variety.

So you can continue getting results and have fun training too. 

Level 1 – Hanging Tuck Raise 

Level 2 – Hanging Tuck Hold

Level 3 – Hanging Single Leg L Sit

Level 4 – Hanging Tuck To Extension

Level 5 – Hanging L Sit

Exact same L Sit progression but now with pulling mechanics. If you are a super gymnastics ninja check out the Ring L Sit Pull Up.

If you love gymnastics training then you will love our K2 Gymnastics interval program

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The L Sit is a brutal exercise that will challenge your core strength and your flexibility. Don’t skip out on this movement and the progressions from above to really improve your performance. 

What are your thoughts?

Comment below with any additional questions you have and or your favorite exercise from the list! 

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Your coaches Kevin & Katie

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you progress the L Sit?

Follow the steps above. It's very challenging. Master the tuck hold, tuck rock, tuck + single leg extension. Be patient and keep training hard.

Is a 30 second L Sit good?

Heck yes. L Sit are freaking challenging. If you are ready for the next challenge then try performing and l sit from the ring support position or L sit flutter kicks :)

My hip always cramps why is this?

Your hip flexors are weak. Work on strengthening them with tuck holds (keep your knees together) and be sure to roll out or "smash" your hip flexor as well.

I can't get my toes above my hip crease

Don't train a bad position. If your toes are below your hips you are not getting the benefit of what we are trying to accomplish. Work on tuck and single or double leg extensions to master the position.

Any additional questions comment down below. I'm happy to help

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