Important Note K2M Athletes

Important Note:

The next 7 weeks I’m trying out a new template. Stick with me. I always have your best interest. For the past 21 weeks I have tested this out and have seen incredible performance benefits.

This format follows a test week during week one, five weeks of progression, and re testing the same test six weeks later.  

I have video links for everything if you need them, and levels for every exercise as you know. I’m working with a developer to clean up this process to make it easier for you guys to see which variation of the movement you should be doing, a leaderboard so you compete against others following online, a system that saves your workouts, your one reps maxes, does the percentages for you, lots of cool things.

For now, I’m going to leave out the links, and levels since you guys are long time followers and if you need help with the different variations I ask that you please reach out to me so I can help or put your question in the facebook group.

I have also moved the core workouts to K2 Abs program. If you do not have access to this, I will give you free access for following our athlete program. Reach out and I will give you access immediately.

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