What Your Training Should Look Like The Week Before Crossfit Competition

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You have been training hard. Let’s maximize your potential on competition day

Before crossfit I came from an endurance background. Where tapering for an event is widely known in the endurance world.

Because you want peak performance.

When I started competing in crossfit it felt a little different.

I wasn’t sure what to do the week before a competition or even that week.

12 years later and coaching thousands of athletes I have a little insight and experience.

In today’s post I’ll cover:

We have created a pdf print out so you know exactly what to do the week before. Snag that here.

high intensity interval training
What intensity should you be at this week? Let’s dive in

What Your Training Week Should Look Like Before Event Or The Crossfit Open

We have been in your shoes many times.

How much is too much?

Should I just lower my % this week?

Should I rest?

Should I follow the program all week, keep everything the same and just rest Thursday and Friday?

You end up second guessing yourself the entire week and you either walk into the event on the weekend with your legs feeling too tired or thinking you are “out of shape” because you didn’t do enough this week.

This is what you should do…

Keep intensity but reduce the amount of volume you are doing.

This is not the week to be trying to get max effort lifts.

Save that for your competition.

However it’s not the week to just sail it in.

To effectively prime your CNS (central nervous system) you still have to get that puppy revved up a little bit.

Be mindful with our exercise selection choice as well.

For example:

Power Clean + JerkSquat Clean + Jerk
Power SnatchSquat Snatch
Smaller sets higher intensityGrueling heavy met cons
at home workout women
Moderate % to prime CNS not tax it.

Why You Still Need To Hard

Because you train hard on a weekly basis.

If you are conservative all week your body and you end up piddling around all week come that first event your heart rate and body will go into complete shock.

Because no matter how hard you think that you train…

…when you hit that floor you will go harder.

They key is to PRIME your CNS (central nervous system) not tax it.

What we mean by that is give the body a taste of what is to come.

For example:

Do met cons that have smaller more manageable reps/sets so that you can practice the speed and intensity that you will have competition day.

You are just reducing the amount of volume.

For those that are really in tune with science you might even avoid…

…avoid isn’t the right word but spend less time on exercises that have a high eccentric loading of your muscles.

Eccentric vs Concentric

Eccentric loaded exercises will fatigue your muscles more than concentric exercises.

crossfit competition
Yeah you aren’t getting a break from that bike.

Simply put…

…you can spend a good amount of time on that bike still 🙂

Are you the type of athlete that follows a program very well?

If so then download my free competition taper week guide by clicking on the photo below:

Get my competition taper week guide by clicking on the photo.

What Percentages To Hit On Lifts During Competition Prep

As I mentioned above it’s about priming or we like to say “greasing the groove”.

You wan’t to keep your training mostly the same, now is not the time to throw any curveballs but what we teach our athletes is:

  • power clean & power jerk
  • power snatch
  • one moderate heavy back squat day in between

We will have athletes just work on fine tuning mechanics this week BUT not so light that you aren’t triggering that CNS response.

We encourage athletes to hit something like:

10 minute EMOM

1 x Oly lift @ 75ish %

Use the time in between reps to visualize your event lift.

Is it a complex? Is it a 1RM? 3RM?

Use these 10 minutes to visualize you successfully completing the lift and what you can do in today’s session technique wise to help you get there.

Reminder –> you will not get any physical adaptation done this week so if you feel good…

…GREAT! Stay patient and use that energy for this weekend.

Handstand Walks
Skill work. Don’t neglect it.

What Skills To Prepare For On Competition Day & How To Train Them This Week

Most competitions have already released some events or hints at what you could be doing.

Spend a block of time working on the skills/technique.

For example if you will have handstand walks:

10 minute emom

5-10 yard x handstand walk

You want this feel like practicing not a workout.

Whatever skill you are working on spend 10 minutes of working on drills maybe you wouldn’t typically do.

Been looking for gymnastics programming? We help athletes become more proficient by building strength in the foundations first. Then the skills efficiency is like butter.

smart goals
Send it.

What To Do Competition Day

Have a blast.

Send it.

Support your friends and other competitors.

Challenge yourself and be willing to get outside of your comfort zone.

One thing I challenge our athletes to ask themselves is:

After the event you are going to:

  1. Be happy with your effort (that’s all you can control)
  2. Wish you would have went harder

So remember that in the moment.

Because afterwards you will be fine.

Warm up, mobilize, active, prime.

Warm Ups + Nutrition & All Of That

To keep things short you want a competition day to reflect a normal training day as much as possible.

The same foods, the same drinks…

…ha reminds me of a time when I was racing competitively in triathlons and had never heard of a five hour energy.

And thought to myself this will make me better!


It was one of my worst placing.

Today is not the day to try new things.

It is the day to go for an extra rep or a little faster pace than you normally would.

I did full write up on how to train for a crossfit competition.

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Your training week should have a reduction in the amount of volume but not necessarily intensity.

We always believe intensity over volume by the way.

Use this week to fine tune skills and still get your heart rate up more than you think.

When lifting keep your percentages to 75 ish % and save your legs for this weekend. You will need them.

If you feel good...great! Let's keep it that way.

Get the 4 day blueprint of exactly how to taper for a crossfit competition by clicking here.

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