5 Glute Stretches You Should Do Everyday

best stretches for runners hip
I will show you the path to pain free 🙂

Tight glutes are no fun, when your glutes are stiff it has a direct correlation to back pain and feeling locked up. Am I right? If you workout a lot, are a runner, or sit at your desk all day you could probably benefit from stretching. If you are anything like me I know that I need to stretch but didn’t like doing it because I was so inflexible. 

I was very inflexible, I played basketball for nearly 20 years and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything but stretch my calves a little bit. Anytime I do squats or run my back would get super tight. Today I will share with you how to stretch your glute and get rid of that lower back pain.

Check out the videos, my three rules and how to activate your glutes below:

How To Stretch Your Glute

The first thing you want to make a habit of is breaking of the tissues in your glute (foam roll)

When you foam roll it will help to break up any muscle adhesions that may be keeping you “stuck” together. If you don’t have a foam roller, get one. It’s a great way to stay pain free and the first thing I grab whenever I feel an injury coming on. If you haven’t done this before it can be a little uncomfortable. Be sure to have the correct leg up as shown in the video to target your glute properly. 

This is one of the best things you can do to reduce pain in your back.

Rule 1 – 

Spend long enough time on the muscle to let the muscle relax. My rule is two minutes. If you start rolling around and feel uncomfortable and jump off the roller you are going to aggravate the muscle even more. 

Rule 2 –

Breathe. Set your timer for 2 minutes, breathe, and work through the muscle tissues. If you are like me, if I have a plan I can follow along and will do it. Within our K2 Fitness app we have mobility, stretching, and recovery all a part of our training programs with videos that allow you to just follow along on screen. 

Rule 3 – 

Stretch. After you release the muscle you want to stretch the muscle with the intention of getting the muscles to “unglue” a bit. 

Best Glute Stretch

The best glute stretch is the pigeon. But quite honestly if you aren’t very flexible it may hurt your knees. It did mine for a long time and I had a really hard time getting into that stretch. So what did I do? I didn’t do it. 

This is one of the many reasons I created our K2 Level system. If you can’t do something it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. But you just need a modification and work your way towards it. You can simply click “easier” within the app to adjust the exercise that is best suited for you. 

best glute stretch
Pigeon. The best glute stretch of all time. But…it hurts my knee.

Since you’re not on the app yet below I will give you youtube links for the modifications and alternatives you can do to stretch your glutes. If you want to join, we would love to have you 🙂 you can do so by clicking here.

5 Best Glute Medius Stretches

The same rules apply when stretching. Spend long enough time with each stretch that allows you to relax and breathe, in this case your glutes. You can use your breath and the “contract & relax method” to really get your body to open up. Grab a band and see what I’m talking about with these videos below:

You got this!


The banded stretches are more intense and allows you to achieve a greater stretch with the contract and relax method but man it sure will make you feel amazing. The first two require a band, the last three do not. Watch each video on how to stretch your glute, learn the proper “form” and then set your timer for two minutes and do it yourself. 


Grab a band and try this. It will take pressure of your back right way.


This is a more challenging stretch for your glute. Watch so you can learn about the contract and relax method but if it’s too intense simply watch the videos below.


This is a great alternative to pigeon stretch. You will really feel a great stretch in your glute.


Another great stretch for your glute. We do this all the time before running or sitting down on the floor watching tv.


It’s a weird one but really is great stretch for your glutes and hips. Give it a try.

This entire stretching thing is all about just creating habits. If you just get in the habit of making these stretches a part of your daily routine you will feel so much better. I’m a huge believer in you aren’t going to do something unless it really means something to you. I would encourage you to spend some time evaluating yourself and mapping out some goals so you can stay on track!

Bulgarian Split Squat
Activate your glute properly, learn how to move properly and that will help your back out too.

Exercises For Glute Activation

To create longer term change you are supposed to:

  • Foam Roll
  • Stretch
  • Then active the muscle that you want to work 

A lot of people who sit or run a lot have weak glutes. Heck even me who squats heavy twice a week. My glutes are weak. I have tight hips, lower back pain, and weak glutes just like the rest of us. But I work on correcting it daily and hardly ever get injured and I give that credit to:

  • Always doing a thorough warm up
  • Continuously working on my mobility
  • Not skipping core work or stretching

Check out the five exercises you should be doing for a killer leg workout by clicking here.

Lastly I do the little things that a lot of other personal trainers, exercise gurus don’t. I do corrective exercises for glute activation before I squat, run, jump, golf, etc. If you have weak glutes and tight hips that’s a recipe for pain. So here you here are a few exercise for glute activation that I do:


Perform two sets of 30 seconds per exercise:

We do not run or squat without doing this every time. Make it a part of your routine as well.
Same thumbnail but different video. This one looks easy but it’s a great exercise for glute activation.
Side plank actually recruit your glute medius a lot more than to you think. Do more of them 🙂


We talked about the three rules you need to know when you stretch your glutes. 

  1. Foam roll and break up the muscle tissues first. 
  2. Breathe and spend long enough time for the muscle to relax and not get aggravated. 
  3. Stretch ( use a band if possible) and find the stretch that is best suited for you. 

Start moving better, making stretching a habit and taking the guesswork out by getting our fitness app. We make it so easy for you to stretch. You grab your mat, your band, prop up your phone, click play and then follow along!

Join the app today by clicking here and we will see you on the inside 🙂

Comment below with what stretch was best suited for you

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