How to get rid of belly fat

How to perform Ab Wheel Roll Out Properly

  • Start on your knees
  • Round your upper back into Hollow position
  • Initiate movement by pushing the hips away from your feet
  • Roll forward to increase difficulty
  • Maintain tension in glutes and upper back, stay in HOLLOW BODY
  • Roll only as far as you can safely and effectively before back hits extension
  • Stay in Hollow/flexion!
Ab Wheel Roll Out

Sample Core Workout for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Perform a 9 Minute EMOM* (3 sets)

*Every minute on the minute

Level 1 (Advanced)

  1. Ab Wheel Roll Out x 8
  2. V Up x 16
  3. Hollow Rock x 32

Level 2 (Intermediate)

  1. Ab Wheel Roll Out x 6
  2. Tuck Up x 12
  3. Single Leg Hollow Rock x 24

Level 3 (Beginner)

  1. Ab Wheel Roll Out x 6
  2. Tuck Wrap x 30 seconds
  3. Tuck Rock x 45 seconds

What are the best Ab Exercises for Abs

My top core exercises for each level are:


  1. V Up
  2. V Up to V Sit
  3. Candlestick to Press
  4. Hollow Body Hold
  5. L Sit
L Sit


  1. Tuck Up
  2. Tuck Rock to Tuck 
  3. Bicycle Crunch
  4. Tuck Hold w/ Pulses
  5. Mountain Climber Hold


  1. Tuck Tap
  2. Tuck Hold on Hand
  3. Tuck Rock
  4. Crunch
  5. Elbow Plank Mountain Climber

If you want to try these ab exercises out, try it like this:

  • 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest. 
  • Repeat for five minutes. 
  • Then the next day, try another movement. 

How can I get a 6 pack fast?

Getting a six pack requires a lot of hard work and dedication.But if you are willing to put in the extra work here are my go to tips. 

  1. Start by actually training your abs. Do planks alone won’t cut it. Just like everything else, you want to mix up your training so your body is having to respond to your training. Try a few movements from above. 
  1. Train aerobically. Aerobic cardio training primarily burns body fat. Here are some aerobic cardio options*
  1. Train Anaerobically. A good training program has a mix of both. Aerobic training burns body fat better, but doesn’t burn as many calories. Anaerobic training burns more sugar and carbs but burns more calories. Here are some anaerobic cardio options**
  1. Build Muscle. Muscle burns fat, and the more muscle you build the higher your metabolic rate will be. We get your body to burn more calories, now it’s more calorie ceiling is higher. You want to target the biggest muscles in your body, your legs, and back. The compound movements that work your entire body (squats and deadlifts) are going to recruit a ton of muscle fiber.
  1. Clean up your eating. You want to hear us say stop eating refined carbs and processed food and yes maybe you should. Think long term, think about your health. You don’t want to get skinny quick. You want to get healthy.
  2. Work with coaches who will take the guesswork out for you. 

Kevin Andres – Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

Katie Andres – Nutrition Specialist

Don’t worry we didn’t forget about your free workouts. 


Aerobic Workout 1

30 Minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

  1. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off

Aerobic Workout 2

Every 4 Minutes for 32 Minutes 

  1. Calorie Bike 

Men -20/18/15

Women – 15/12/10

  1. Goblet Squat x 15
  1. Calorie Bike 

Men – 10/8/6

Women – 6/5/4

Aerobic Workout 3

Six sets of:

  1. 3 Minute Row 

Rest 60 seconds


Anaerobic Workout 1

Every 2 minutes x 10 sets

  1. Sprint Row x 250/225/200

Goal time for each set is to break one minute. Keep track of your sets.

Anaerobic Workout 2

Two sets of:

  1. 30 second sprint

Rest 90 seconds

Followed by…

Two sets of:

  1. 45 second sprint

Rest 90 seconds

Two sets of:

  1. 60 second sprints

Rest 90 seconds

Anaerobic Workout 3

Five sets of:

  1. 400/300/200 Meter Run

Rest 90 seconds

  1. 200/150/100 Meter Sprint

Rest 3 Minutes

Give these exercises, and workouts a try. Post in the comments below in questions you may have.

Now go get after it!

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