Here Are The Best Progressions To Learn How To Handstand Walk

Here Is The Best Progressions To Learn How To Handstand Walk

handstand walk
Handstand walks are fun!

What a fun skill! It’s something that most people feel comfortable with doing because they don’t know where to start. Today, I’m going to give you the steps so you can learn how to handstand walk too with the cool kids. 

If you are anything like me (12 years ago) I had never done anything like it. I remember seeing a friend I worked with doing some gymnastics stuff and was amazed. I loved everything he was doing and immediately dove in and fun fact…I loved it so much I did gymnastics for the next four years to soak up as much information, courses, training, and anything related so I could get at something I sucked at. 

I feel in love with the challenge of learning and now I coach crossfit athletes to improve not only their gymnastics but strength and conditioning, youc can learn more about that  here

  • Handstands
  • Handstand walks
  • L Sit
  • Muscle Ups
  • Hollow Bodies
  • Toes To Bar

Lots of other fun skills too! Anyway, I have learned a ton over the years and I’m going to share these tricks with you too, check out the video below for an expedited version:

If you aren’t much of a reader, watch this instead.

Comment below where you are at with your handstand journey and if you found that video helpful be sure to subscribe so you never miss any tutorials so you can start moving and feeling better. 

Mobility & Stretches Before You Start Handstand Walks

So, where to start. Well…just like within our training programs you want to mobilize and warm up. 

  • Mobility to get into the position 
  • Master isometric holds and positioning

So let’s start there. 

Here are three mobility exercises you should do if you are wanting to learn how to handstand walk. 

Improve your overhead mobility with this stretch
Handstands can be tough on your wrist so be sure to do these.
You and I both need to do these more often.

Spend 60 seconds per stretch/exercise. In gymnastics it’s all about getting into the best position possible so you are “stacked.” Stacked means that your toes are directly over your shoulders, your shoulders are directly over your hips and your hips are directly over your hands. Just like standing..except on your hands 🙂

Handstand Walk Position Drill 

Before you just start trying to walk on your hands you need to have massive shoulder strength and have mastered the wall walk.

This a great handstand walk drill to begin to master first.

This will begin to give you an idea of the strength required to stabilize one shoulder and expose you to the mobility required to get your nose to the wall. 

Commit 10 Minutes 3 days a week until you feel comfortable and ready for the next level of doing something along the lines of:

Sample Progression:

Week 1:

  1. Wall Walk x 30 seconds
  2. Rest x 60 seconds 

Week 2:

  1. Wall Walk x 30 seconds
  2. Rest x 45 seconds

Week 3: 

  1. Wall Walk x 45 seconds
  2. Rest x 45 seconds 

 Go to the next level once you feel comfortable. 

Side Note – Don’t Short Cut It

I’m teaching you the right way to do things. Yes of course you can just kick up and start trying over and over and over again and you may see progress of course. But as a coach I’m going to encourage you to master the basics first so when it comes time to perform the actual handstand walk you feel comfortable. 

We do the same thing with Ring Muscle Ups:

Okay Back To Handstand Walk Progressions

By the way, if you are someone who doesn’t want to take the time to figure all this stuff out, just sign up for our gymnastics program and we will give you a step by step guide all on our fitness app. But if you want to geek out like I do then let’s continue 🤸‍♂️

Once you feel comfortable with the wall walk start mastering the Nose To Wall Hold:

Get comfortable being upside down.

The wall walk was a great way to begin to learn the handstand walk, but now we want to increase the time under tension and begin to master that “stacked” position. Have your breathe be your own coach because these are going to be toughhhh! Remember to try and get your nose as close as possible to the wall. 

Inhale – Tuck your pelvis

Exhale – Lock your elbows out

I use my breath to get myself coaching cues all the time. Except when I’m doing the L Sit it’s more like come on dude hold on for dear life haha. Those are rough. But freaking awesome. 

L Sit Progression
Here is the L SIt I was talking about

Sample Progression:

Week 1:

  1. Nose To Wall Hold x 30 seconds
  2. Rest x 60 seconds 

Week 2:

  1. Nose To Wall Hold x 30 seconds
  2. Rest x 45 seconds

Week 3: 

  1. Nose To Wall Hold x 45 seconds
  2. Rest x 45 seconds 

 Go to the next level once you feel comfortable. 

Handstand Walk – Two Hand Transfer Drills

You have spent a few weeks mastering the nose to wall hold strong in that position. It’s time to “level up” and begin working on hand transfer. Again, stay patient with this process. By following these progressions you are mastering the fundamentals first and that’s what is going to lead to your success. 

Two options here:

#1 If you felt strong in the nose to wall position ahead and give this drill a shot. Do your best to keep your feet glued together and maintain the strong hollow body position and try this:

Get as close to the wall as possible to mimic the handstand walk position

#2 If you don’t feel comfortable doing that yet do this:

Try this if you can’t get up to the wall quite yet.

Once you gain some confidence on the box then you can work your way back up to the wall. It is important though because you want to get your body used to having your toes over your shoulders. So keep practicing, you will get there. Within our app you can just click “harder” or “easier” when you are ready for the next challenge. We make it super simple for ya. 

This is screen shot from our app. Simply click harder or easier when you are ready for the next progression.

Handstand Walk – Walking Drills

Now that you feel “comfortable” taping your shoulder we are going to increase the time under tension on one arm and tap your thighs like this:

You are getting closer!!

If you are doing this drill you are dedicated to learning how to handstand walk and my hat goes to you and I hope you take the time to send us a video or something to show us your progress!! 

Handstand Kick Up Drill

Alright, alright finally I will let you begin kicking up to the wall. It’s so important to master the nose to wall first so you get used to the “hollow body” position you need to get your spine in line just like we do with the hollow body:

Always be aware of your “hollow body” in every exercise you do. Your back will thank you.

Speaking of hollow body. You get stronger in your core, it will make you better at everything including handstand walks 🙂 and because we are passionate coaches we even made a free five day ab video course! Check it out by clicking here.

Now it’s time to begin kicking up to your handstand and soon you will be walking on your hands like nobody’s business, check it out here:

Okay, get comfortable kicking up now!!

Handstand Walk Time 🙂

Now that you feel confident kicking up to the wall, I want you to draw a few lines of chalk on the floor. Start at the line closest to the wall, kick up and walk on your hands until your feet hit the wall like this:

Go for it.

This is when it gets fun!!! Start working your way back further and further from the wall and once you get to where you are walking about 5-10 yards you are ready for the next step and to take the training wheels away and get to stepping! I mean walking, walking on your hands that is! 

You Can Successfully Say You Have Learned How To Handstand Walk!

If you read this blog post all the way though I bet in your mind after watching all the videos you can see how it all comes together now! It takes time, it takes patience, and consistency. I will remind my clients of what is driving them. Why do you want to do a handstand walk, why do you want to xyz. 

If you have a strong enough reason behind your training and a strong purpose…you will fight for what you want. If you really want to dial in and figure out your goals download our free goal setting guide here. Be warned though…I really challenge you to look within and really find what drives you. 

Final tutorial on how to handstand walk:

Last tutorial in case you skipped the fundamentals and came straight here. I know you people haha 😛

Bonus – Advanced Handstand Walk Drill

Alright now that you are be boppin’ around on your hands hot shot try this!

How many can you do??

Haha as you can see we love to educate, inspire and challenge the fitness community.


Coaching is so fun. I love helping people progress in every area of fitness. Learning how to handstand walk, losing weight, getting stronger, you name it. Katie and I are just passionate coaches who love to educate, inspire and challenge you to bring your best each and every day. 

Join the K Squared Fitness community by clicking here and we will see YOU on the inside 🤙🏻

Comment below with any specific questions you may have. We are happy to help

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