How To Build A New Workout Habit In Five Steps

How To Build A Habit In 5 Steps

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Are you starting to exercise and looking for good tips, best practices so you can be successful sticking to your new routine? To build a new habit is tough and that’s why:

Today I’m going to share with you just that. Some education, some encouragement and how you should get started so YOU are set up for success. 

We will discuss:

  • Where did “it takes 21 days to form a habit” come from
  • Creating a new habit step by step process
  • Tips for creating a new habit

Where Did the 21 Day Habit Come From? 

Maxwell Waltz was a plastic surgeon in the 1950’s who started this “21 days to make a habit”. He found that on average it would take 21 days for someone to recognize their new look. “These, and many other commonly observed phenomena tend to show it requires a minimum of 21 days for an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell.”

Step 1 – Creating A New Habit

Start small. Real small.

 If you are anything like me you have to do things to its fullest or you won’t do it all in some extreme cases. When it comes to exercise that’s not always the way to go. I know you are most likely busy with career demands, your spouse, kids, and time for exercise is sometimes just not in the cards. 

This is one of the many reasons why it’s so important for you to have clearly defined why you are choosing the exercise. 

Is it for:

  • Health
  • Look better for your spouse
  • More energy for your kids
  • You want to PR your next Back Squat

Whatever the case may be you have to have a strong WHY behind your training or it won’t mean anything to you if you skip today, or a week. 

So you have to start small.  

You don’t always need a ton of equipment either.

Check out our K2 Everyday Fitness program (which includes the K2 HIIT Program) that takes you through 20 – 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.

Step 2 – Perspective

You don’t need to have more motivation to do it. You just have to commit to doing it. Try this instead of saying “ I’m going to start doing 100 push ups a day” start with doing ten.

Because the journey/ progress is in actually doing the work. If you had a busy day it’s so easy to get intimidated by “oh shoot I have to do my 100 push ups” and then that not happen because it’s too much. Verus I need to do my ten push ups real quick before the day is over. 

  1. Start small. 

2. Show up. 

3. Get 1% better today.

You will always end up doing more if you just get started. 

how to build a habit

Step 3 – Follow A Program

Take the guesswork out of your workouts and get a coach. Join a community of like minded people who want the best for you. Doing it alone sucks.

Step 4 – Build On Your Habit

As you begin building on your new habit you want to break things up into chunks. For example: You have gained some momentum and are ready to commit to 30 minutes a day three times per week.

Break it up:

15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes before dinner. As opposed to committing to a full 30 minutes. 

Keep your commitment small so you aren’t overwhelmed and don’t do anything at all.

Step 5 – Don’t Miss Twice

You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be consistent. When you do miss, take some time to reflect what prevented you from getting your workout in? 

  • Why did you miss?
  • Did you snooze for an extra thirty minutes? 
  • What things could you have done the previous night so you could get a good night’s rest and not miss in the morning? 
  • How can you bounce back and prevent these things again?

These are just examples. 

Consider creating a calendar for the month and everyday you train, put a big X on that days you committed to and have the goal of not missing two days in a row. 

run pace calculator
It’s not a sprint. It’s a journey. Fall in love with the process.

Community Matters

Having a strong, supportive community is such a huge part of the fitness journey. We care about your success and will do everything we can to support you. Find an accountability partner that you can do your workouts with whether locally or friends online. 

8 Of My Favorite Ways To Create A Habit

Commit To A Daily Routine For 30 Days

Make it small and obtainable. Choose one – two blocks of the training versus trying to do it all. Maybe you just complete the warm up and the core.

how to build a new habit

Write It Down

Have your goal written down, review your workout the night before and pencil in tomorrow when you are going to attack it. 

Show Up 

Show up everyday. Don’t base your decision on emotions. “ I don’t feel like it”. Take action. “I may not feel like it but I’m going to choose to exercise anyway because I’m committing to my goal.” Goals are important. 


Have a friend join you everyday, get plugged into our Facebook group, post your workout in the comments. 

“Just Do It”

Like Nike says…”just do it” 

What’s In It For You?

Write down some of the positive things that your new habit is going to bring to you. More energy, new muscles, confidence, better health, etc

Don’t Double Bogey

You don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if you miss your workout. Don’t miss your workout and then eat like crap too. It’s easy to go down that hole and feel bad for yourself. Don’t let that happen. 

Form Your Habit Before Your Habit

Rewire your “trigger”. If you know every time you put your workout shoes on you know you are going to workout. Make your workout shoes visible and when you are struggling to get started just say… let me just put my shoes on. 


When trying to build a new habit start small and have your “why” clearly defined. Set yourself up for success by writing down when you are going to workout and just show up. If you can just get started. You will most likely do a little more than you thought you would. 

how to build a new habit
Your coaches Kevin & Katie

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