How To Approach Your Conditioning Workouts

How To Approach Your Conditioning Workouts To Get The Right Stimulus 

Most of our online training programs have prescribed conditioning workouts to finish each wod (workout of the day). We like to provide as much detail as possible so you don’t have to guess at how you should be approaching each workout. Here are three components that matter when approaching the conditioning segment:

  1. Time Domain – the length of time this segment will take
  1. Pacing – what strategy or level to choose to get the desired training stimulus
  1. How you should feel – understanding what you are experiencing is okay and what we want for the desired training stimulus. 

Time Domain

  • You will see (x minutes) in the workout description to let you know the estimated time domain for the workout. 


  • Keep Movin’ – We are working on building your aerobic base. Find a rhythm in your breathing pattern. All the reps are manageable so we want you to keep moving. 
  • Let it Fly – Looking for absolute max power output. Don’t think about anything else on the agenda, only the task on hand. Go all out here. 
  • Push It – A faster pace than you normally would, training speed and confidence with higher reps. Typically interval style or EMOM format. For example:

Four Sets of:

  1. Run x 200 
  1. 15 x Kipping Toes To Bar
  1. 20 x Wall Ball
  1. Rest x 60 seconds

Because you get 60 seconds rest you can go for bigger, more aggressive sets as opposed to if this workout was four rounds for time with zero dedicated rest between sets. 

How The Workout Should Feel

  • Obtainable – “ I got this”. Weights and reps are manageable. Your limited factor is how hard you can push without having to stop. Minimize your transitions and get started right away. 
  • Brutal – “I can’t breathe”. Weights and reps are challenging forcing you to break up the reps. This style of conditioning is challenging your ability to push with your heart rate high.  Remind yourself ten minutes after the workout you will be just fine, so keep working hard. 
  • Jacked “ I can only get five at a time”. And that’s okay. The weights are heavier and the movements are more challenging. Set a goal and stick to your plan.