Must Have Fitness Equipment for your Home Gym

Fitness Equipment You’ll Want for Your Home Gym

With Covid-19 still among us, so many people have made the switch from gym memberships to having their own home gym. With so many fitness equipment options, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options and create a space filled with the equipment you actually need. No need to stress anymore – we’re here to tell you exactly what fitness equipment you’ll want for your home gym!

#1: Rower

The rower is a great piece of fitness equipment that you’ll find yourself using all the time (especially if you’re following one of our K Squared Workout Programs). For our home gym, we have the Concept 2 rowing machine. What we love about this piece of fitness equipment, is that it is lightweight, easy to move around, and it can be stored vertically! This is an absolute must for your home gym. 

#2: Kettlebells

Kettlebells come with a wide variety of exercises you can use them for. In our K Squared Workout Programs, you can count on using a kettlebell almost every time! You can find kettlebells almost anywhere, but we prefer getting this piece of fitness equipment from Rogue. We love using kettlebells for kettlebell swings, suitcase carries, farmer carries, goblet squats, overhead squats, bulgarian split squats, and so many more exercises! Make sure to get a weight that will actually challenge you during your workouts so you can really get the results you’re working towards.

#3: Dumbbells

Dumbbells are great for push press, thrusters, dumbbell snatches, weighted lunges, chest press, and the list goes on and on. Just like with kettlebells, you can purchase dumbbells almost anywhere, but we prefer getting them through Rogue. You’ll also want to make sure you get a weight that will challenge you, but definitely get a variety of weights if you can!

#4: Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar might be the most important piece of fitness equipment to have in your home gym. Not only can you use a pull up bar for pull ups, but you can do a variety of exercises for your abs too. In our home gym, we have a Rogue pull up bar and highly recommend their product! In our K Squared Workout Programs, we use the pull up bar just about every day!


When creating a home gym, chances are you don’t have tons of space to fill with fitness equipment. Therefore, you’ll want to invest in fitness equipment that you can do various exercises with and that won’t take up a lot of space. When you get a rower, kettlebells, dumbbells, and pull up bar for your home gym, you’re doing exactly that! 

We know how challenging it is to be motivated to workout from home. The key to our success in our home gym has been following a workout program. Our K Squared Executive Program is the perfect workout program to follow and all you’ll need is the above fitness equipment!

Don’t have fitness equipment for a home gym just yet? Not a problem! Our K Squared Bodyweight HIIT program is just what you need! You’ll get an amazing workout every time AND results that you’ll love.

Written By: Katie Andres, Co-Owner of K Squared Fitness

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