Hip Opener Yoga

hip opener yoga
I’ll teach you how the most effective way to open your hips with a few simple exercises

I get asked frequently for good hip opener exercises for yoga.

With the amount of sitting we do these days it’s no wonder we have back pain.

Our hips are locked up!

In this blog I’ll share with you some of my favorite hip opener exercises for yoga and how to increase your mobility.

I’ll share:

We believe that mobility/stretching helps improve your mood and mindset which is why we prioritize stretching everyday. We do that with our mobility program (our version of yoga) learn about our mobility training here.

Hip Opener Yoga Exercises

I grew up playing basketball and never stretched.

Not a good plan.

I have had to work EXTREMELY hard to loosen up my hips and improve my mobility over the years.

But now I fully believe that stretching and mobility work is not just about lengthening my muscles.

Stretching is more to me than that.

It’s a time to be present.

A time to focus on my breathing, spend time and prayer, get out in the sun and work on myself.

Here are a few of my favorite hip opener exercises:

Hip Flexor Stretches

This is some of the best hip flexor stretch variations

The couch stretch is a life saver.

Almost all of us have tight quads which pull our pelvis forward into an anterior pelvic tilt and can lead to pressure on the back (like me) so I do this

stretch before every workout.

In the video above I cover some of the best hip flexor stretch variations there is.

Hip Opener Yoga Flow

The video below reflects what some of our mobility training videos look like. Which essentially is our variation of yoga.

Yoga is very passive and I love yoga.

Our style of yoga is active stretching.

We believe that breathe work and lengthening the muscles are so important. The way we lengthening and strengthen our range of motion is

through active stretching and strengthening the end range of motion.

Check out the video below to see a few of my favorite hip opener exercises.

Hip and T Spine Mobility combined in one 🙂

Hip Opener Benefits

This probably goes without saying but having mobile hips opposed to stiff hips will make your life feel better.

Sitting, walking, running, squatting, pressing, it doesn’t matter.

crossfit at home workouts
To get into a good squat you have to have mobile hips and ankles.

Your hips and core is what is what controls your entire body.

In fact when I am first teaching someone how to do a hollow body the first step is learning how to put your spine (by moving your hips) in a good


A Simple Suggestion:

For every hour that you sit…

…stretch for double the amount of time.

And keep it simple.

If you sit for 8 hours a day.

Stretch for 16 minutes.

Your body will thank you for it and it you will feel good!

Just like anything else it’s all about creating habits and finding the time to plug mobility and stretching into your daily routine.

I would encourage you to:

  • find a few go to stretches (hips, t spine, hamstrings, glutes, and anything else) that feels tight
  • start off just spending 30-60 seconds in each stretch
  • join a mobility class (like the one below :))

Two Ways We Can Guide You Through A Yoga/Mobility Workout

You have learned that we believe in taking mobility/recovery and stretching serious in our daily lifestyle.

We is why every one of our workouts in our fitness app has a stretching component tied to the workout.

Self Guided Stretching

hip opener yoga
Our self guided option

Our self guided stretching protocol is very similar to what the company gowod has done with their mobility training.

We give you a mobility and stretching protocol tailored to the workout you are doing so that you are in the best position for your lifts and have the

best possible recovery for after your workout.

This part of our mobility app is self guided meaning:

  • you just follow along with the videos on screen
  • if there is ever something you can’t do because of mobility limitations simply click easier
  • after the time has expired we will change to a different stretch and you can just follow along

Mobility Class

mobility class
Follow along to our guided mobility workouts

We believe in community and doing things together.

Whether that’s stretching, yoga, mobility or taking on a challenging workout.

With our virtually mobility classes are best case scenario.

This style is as you can see I’m mic’d up and I guide you through the full mobility flow.

We do a ton of:

  • hip openers
  • t spine mobility
  • core
  • hamsting work
  • spine health
  • etc

You name it.

Each mobility class is 15 minutes long and you can do it from anywhere.

Check out our mobility classes here to loosen up your hips and more.

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We believe that stretching is more than just lengthening your muscles. We believe that taking care of your body and improving your range of

motion is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to health.

In this short blog I gave you two examples of hip openers for yoga:

  • hip flexor stretches (and several variations)
  • hip opener yoga flow (in the second video)

Our yoga is a little different. We focus on not just lengthening the muscles but strengthening your end range of motion so we can see those

benefits in performance with squatting, deadlifting, pressing, running, etc.

Learn more about our style of yoga with our mobility training program here.

hip opener yoga
Your coaches Kevin & Katie Andres

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