3 HIIT Treadmill Workouts To Do This Week

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Ready for some sweet hiit workouts?

High intensity interval training and specifically hiit treadmill workouts are some of my favorite ways to train when I have access to a treadmill. The treadmill makes it so easyto dictate different intensities, speed, and other things I will talk more in depth about so that you can get an effective workout even if you are just a beginner. 

In today’s post I’m going to talk about:

  • How to do hiit on a treadmill
  • Give you some of my favorite treadmill workouts
  • Show you how to work effective hiit training can help you burn more calories 

Want to learn more? Right on, keep reading and let’s give you some insight. 

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How To Do HIIT On A Treadmill

Hiit workouts can be done anywhere guys. It’s interval training. It’s stepping out of your comfort zone and not doing what half the population does when they get on the treadmill…


  • Run at the same speed for 20-30 minutes
  • Walk for an hour
  • Something along the lines of that then does some chest press and bicep curls. 


I have always encouraged our clients that if you are going to workout, and have the dedication to get on the treadmill and workout for 30 minuten then let’s maximize your efforts by giving you a workout plan. Heck even if you only have 15 minutes for a hiit workout you can get a lot done. 

Imagine how much easier it would be every time you worked out you knew exactly what you were doing and knew that you were putting your best foot forward.

Oh and by the way…

It feels really good.

No more black hole training. Black hole training is where you do the same workout day in and day out and every once in a while you mix it up. I talk about that more in this blog I wrote about good run workouts. 

Hiit Treadmill Workouts

The reason I love hiit workouts on the treadmill is because you can set the speed you are running at!! I know that sounds silly but seriously…what an awesome way to gauge the intensity you are running at. 

Then it’s just a mind game and committed to that pace. Take this workout I did in a hotel recently:

Hiit treadmill workout #1

It’s a great workout because it challenges your endurance, your upper body, your abs, and your mental toughness.

Beginner 8 sets| Intermediate 10 sets| Advanced 15 sets

  1. Run x 45 seconds*
  2. Push Up x 10**
  3. Tuck Up x  10**

At the start of your workout you select a speed to run at for 45 seconds. Then each round you increase your speed .01-.02 mph depending on if you are a beginner or advanced. If you are a beginner you can increase speed every other round. 

For instance:

Round 1  –  7.5mph (for me)

Round 2 – 7.7mph

Round 3 – 7.9 mph 


The challenge comes quickly as the workout intensity each round gradually increases and begins to challenge your mental toughness. As you run give yourself positive self talk and encourage yourself that you can do anything for 45 seconds.

The push ups and tucks up you can slow down and rest more there if needed. 

Now, for the push ups. First let’s make sure you have proper form:

Can’t ever go wrong with push ups. Unless they hurt your shoulder of course. Check out the video if you need to re visit the push up form.

Doing the advanced version of this treadmill workout (15 sets) has you leaving your workout with 150 reps! Ladies, I know you love working your legs so if you wanted to swap the push ups for something like a Goblet Squat (one of our five top leg exercises) we totally get it!.

Also, if push ups are challenging for you I would rather you do something like this:

Great push up alternative and still get a good training “stimulus”

That way you one don’t hurt your shoulders, we can keep your heart rate up, and we can focus on building strength first. Here are a few of my favorite exercises to bench with dumbbells if you want to strengthen your chest more. 

For the Tuck Ups, these look pretty simple but are tough. If you need a modification for this workout do this:

Nothing wrong with sit ups but have you ever tried them like this?

The reason I give you modifications is because as a trainer I know how important it is to adjust each exercise to each person. That’s why for years I would get frustrated reading workouts out of magazines and thinking geez half the population or even more can’t even do this stuff. 

That’s why I created our fitness app. The app tailors each exercise to you so if something like the push up or the tuck up is too difficult, you can simply click the easier button and the screen will give you an exercise that is a progression of that movement. 

hiit treadmill workout
Want more sweet hiit workouts? Check out our plan by clicking on the image

Hiit treadmill workout #2

Okay the next two treadmill workouts I’m going to share with you are pulled from our K2 Cardio program within our app and will be just running. This one I call the..

“Horrible Hill Workout”

The workout will challenges 

yoru anaerobic system and will build strength in your heart, legs, and lungs because of the treadmill sprints on the “hill” aka incline. 

Warm Up:

It’s always super important to warm up for a run but I know a lot of times you just don’t have time to foam roll, stretch and all of that and you have to get straight to it. So for the horrible hill workout to get some blood flow just start off with:

  • 10 minutes of “easy” running at no incline. 


  1. Run @ “faster pace” x 30 seconds* 
  2. Lower your incline by -3% based off of your level and walk x 30 seconds
  3. Run @ “fast pace” x 90 seconds 
  4. Walk x 2 minutes at no incline then repeat 🙂

*Beginner 3%| Intermediate 5%| Advanced 9% Incline

This workout is classic hiit training. We get your heart rate up, we bring it down for 30 seconds with the walk, we really challenge you for 90 seconds and then you get almost a full recovery with your walk.

Water up, rinse, and repeat. If you are going to tackle this workout I need at least three sets out of you. 

Comment down 👇🏻 with how many sets you did if you gave this one a try! 

One of our clients Jake has lost over 50lbs from HIIT workouts.

Hiit treadmill workout #3

This workout is “progressive intervals” and as the workout progresses, you carry more and more fatigue into the next interval. It’s a great workout that gives you a huge amount of calorie burn which of course helps to promote weight loss. I’ll talk more on that here in just a bit. 

Warm Up:

  • Keep it simple and just get some blood flowing for 10 minutes with an easy warm up run with no incline


This workout is similar to #1 how we gradually increased speed but this time you aren’t doing push ups and tuck ups as your “active recovery” . For this workout you will be slowing down to half of your speed. Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Set the incline to 1%

Step 2 – Choose your starting speed*

In my example I’m going to the speed start at 6

Run x 60 seconds @ starting speed (6mph)

Run x 60 seconds @ half of your starting speed (3mph)

Each round bump the speed by .05*


I would encourage you to start at 4.0mph and increase the speed by .02 each round


I would encourage you to start at 5.0mph and increase the speed by .03-.04 each round


I would encourage you to start at 6.0 mph and increase the speed by .05 each round as shown in the example above. 

This treadmill workout is no joke and really challenges your ability to recover. Because, well…after each run your active recovery is running at half your speed. 

hiit workout plan
Want to get better at running? We got you.

HIIT Treadmill Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Like we discussed earlier, the key to success is having a workout plan because it takes all of the guesswork out. 

The key to long term success is having a community that wants the best for you and you having a deep understanding of why you workout. When you have a clear purpose of why working out is important to you…you won’t miss it. Because it’s more than just a workout. 

It’s you bettering yourself for your family. Improving your heart health. Not to mention feeling better, looking better and being able to go outside and do anything you want without being tired. That’s what it’s about for me. I want to be able to go play catch, go ice skating, go for a run, and feel good about myself. 

What is it that drives you? I have created a free goal setting guide that you can have if you really want to get to the bottom of it and stop procrastinating. 

Fat Burn Vs Calories

Two things to know:

  • Hiit training (high intensity) is going to burn more calories but will burn less fat*
  • Low intensity workouts are going to burn more fat

Now here is the deal…how do you lose weight? By being in a calorie deficit, yes. What burns more calories? Hiit training does. Hiit training is so beneficial because it also raises the amount of calories you burn for the next 24-48 hours. It’s called EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) .

So when you are being challenged in your workouts and you are thinking to yourself you “can’t breathe” or your heart rate is really high. Remind yourself to just keep pushing through because you are going to be reaping the benefits for the next couple of days from your efforts. 

treadmill hiit workouts
Knowledge bombs.

That’s not to say you want to go all out everyday. Not at all. You want to have about 80% of your training at lower intensity and 20% of your training where you are really getting after it. Most people don’t tap into the 20 or 80% and they just workout because they don’t know what they should be doing each time they workout. 

Don’t let that be you. 

We are here to help.

Comment down below with your biggest take away and what workout you are going to give a try!


We gave you three hiit treadmill workouts that will give you a great workout. 

#1 was a total body workout

#2 the horrible hill workout

#3 challenges your ability to recover and really burns a ton of calories

I educated you on the importance of interval training and how 20% of your training should be at a high intensity to help you burn more calories and how 80% should be at lower intensity to help you burn more body fat.

k squared fitness
Your coaches Kevin & Katie

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