Interval Training

30 Minute Interval Training Workouts

Why High Intensity Interval Training?

High intensity interval training workouts are the best for when you are limited on time and want to get a great workout in. We have interval training workouts for the beginners with limited equipment, to advanced crossfitters wanting to improve their gymnastics.

workout for abs

Train with 2018 Nashville's Fittest Man and join the K Squared Community.

workout for abs

We help both men and women maximize their time and get in great shape in thirty minutes a day.

high intensity interval training

Crossfit athletes who want to improve their gymnastics engine and strength. This is for you.



high intensity interval training

K Squared Fitness

K Squared Fitness is a functional fitness gym in Cool Springs, TN offering group workouts and private training for all fitness levels. We are experts at giving you the best workout for your needs in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Whether you love Crossfit, functional fitness, or just want to experience high intensity interval training our coaches make sure you are get the most effective workout for YOU.

I love the variety so I'm not constantly doing the same things over and over again.

Susan S

Super Mom

My gymnastics have improved so much. Kevin and Katie you guys are super creative with your training style. I love it! Thank you!!

Mark S

Crossfit Athlete

Each workout of the day has hyperlinks linking to each exercise so you always know how to perform the exercise properly. We also provide you with beginner, intermediate and advanced options to meet you where you are at.

Meet Your Coaches

Passionate coaches who care about your success.

workout for abs


Kevin Andres

Most people don't workout abs. Don't be one of those, you are missing out on performance.

workout routine


Katie Andres

I love helping others reach their goals and showing them how fitness can be fun too!

Frequently Asked Questions

K Squared Interval Training Program is designed to take you through a full body workout in 30 minutes. 

Each workout has:

  • Instructional Videos - each exercise has a hyper link attached so you always know how to perform the movement properly. Like this.K2 Levels - We provide a beginner, intermediate, and advanced option for each workout.
  • Feedback from Katie and Kevin - In order to support you, we want to know you.