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hand standing push ups
Want to get better at handstand stuff? We got you.

Handstands are fun, but man they are difficult if you didn’t grow up in gymnastics. If you are anything like me you have athletic background but this gymnastics and handstand stuff has you hooked and you want to get better at all of it!

Side note:

  • I created a much deeper detailed blog on how to do a handstand push up that can be found by clicking here and a pull up guide here.

Okay back to what you came here for, learning the banded handstand push up!

Which Muscles Do Band Assisted Handstand Push Ups Work?

The muscles that do the bulk of the work during this exercise include: the deltoids in the shoulder musculature, pectoral muscles, the back extensor trapezius, and the latissimus dorsi.

I mean heck a handstand is going to get just about every muscle in your shoulders! Over time it can lead to doing crazy things like this…check it out

I’m still pumped I was able to do this.

Is This Exercise Dangerous?

They video of me above may be, but I have been training gymnastics for over a decade.

It can be dangerous if the athlete is unprepared to hold themselves in the handstand position (with band assistance, of course). If you aren’t comfortable kicking up to a handstand it should be obvious that is really where you should start and we go over that in detail here.

If you are comfortable kicking up then check out the video below to show you how to crank them out!

This is an awesome way to train higher reps.

How Can I Make This Exercise More/Less Challenging?

What a beautiful question 🙂 This is the exact reason we have created our K2 Level System so that you can always tailor your workouts to you.

This principle applies to everything.

For example if you wanted to make this harder and ready for a “level up” you may be ready for the kipping handstand push up. Click the link below to start practicing that.

Kipping handstand push ups just look crazy don’t they?

After you have built the strength using the band you want to begin practicing on the wall with either the kip or even this drill here and getting comfortable kicking up to the wall.

What Exercise Can I do If i’m Not Able To Do The Banded Handstand Push Up Yet?

You sound like our kind of people, you are motivated to get better. Couple of things for ya:

  1. Check out our gymnastics program it helps people get stronger and more confident being upside down 🤸‍♂️
  2. It’s important to have established adequate pressing strength first like the pike push up so make sure you try that or better yet just read this post where I take you through every step of the handstand.


The banded handstand push up is an awesome way to get upside and rip out some handstand push ups. Comment below if this was helpful for ya and watch that video of me walking on my hands across the driveway haha!

hand standing push ups
Your coaches Kevin & Katie


Having a strong core will help you get better at handstands and we just finished created our FREE five day ab course. Check it out by clicking here.


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Other Fitness Tips

  1. Master the handstand push up
  2. Ring Muscle Up Workout

Comment below with which tips you found to be the most useful!

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