3 Good Run Workouts For Beginners & Weight Loss

running for weight loss plan
Jake used to be a beginner. But now after losing 50+ pounds, he is slaying runs. This is him crushing the Murph Challenge this past year.

Running workouts for beginners who want to lose weight can be pretty daunting. You don’t know where to start (outside of just getting outside and taking off) but if you are anything like me you probably want to have some direction. 

Just because you have packed on a few pounds doesn’t mean you want to start this journey going in blind. Now, that doesn’t mean I want you to become a research guru, know everything you should be doing and then don’t take action. That’s a different problem

And believe me it’s a real thing. 

That’s why knowing your why and your purpose really needs to be defined before you start. That way it means something to you. That’s why we have our clients start with setting smart goals

Your WHY and your PURPOSE is what is going to help you make this change. Because not everyday is going to be easy, and not everyday are you going to want to get out and run. But if you have a clearly defined purpose such as:

“ I want to lose weight (35lbs) so that I can feel better, have more energy for my spouse and kids. I want this because I don’t have the energy I used to for my kids and I want to lead by example showing them the importance of health and wellness. “ 

Defining your purpose will help you show up on the days you don’t want to. 

Good Run Workouts

What do you define as a good run workout? I would challenge you if you are looking for run workouts to not have run workouts that you do but for you to follow a run training plan. The difference in a workout and a run training plan is:

  • Prevent plateau
  • Avoid boredom
  • Take the guesswork out 

Don’t get me wrong I have more workouts that I enjoy more than others but I do the workouts because it’s a part of the plan and the plan is helping me reach my goal. So if you have clearly defined your goal, find your plan, then execute whatever the plan tells you to do.

That being said here are some of my favorite run workouts:

how to lose weight
Jake did the hardest thing. He put his ego to the side and got started.

Jake’s weight loss journey has truly been incredible. I wish I had the marketing capacity to truly show you his journey. But in reality I’m a coach who just wants to bring out the best everyone. I’m showing you this to educate you on his journey did not involve just running. He focused on strength training, hiit training, and running.

Jake talks more about his journey and his current goals on his website.

Turn Up The Tempo # 1

This workout is a way to “push” your easy pace. It’s a good run workout for everyone because the workout is relative to you. This “turn up the temp” workout is designed to help you with increasing your speed.

Warm Up:

Side note:

If you want a deep dive on how to warm up for a run click here

  • Set the treadmill to 1% incline and run or walk at an easy pace for 10 minutes
  • Rest x 3 minutes before starting the segment below

Run Workout:

Beginner – 3 sets | Intermediate – 4 sets | Advanced – 5 sets

Run x 3 minutes @ your fast* pace

Walk x 3 minutes 

*Fast pace =  fast is relative to you. Within our run training plans we use:

  • Walk
  • Recovery
  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Fast
  • Faster
  • Fastest
  • Sprint

As a gauge for you to pace your runs. So associate “fast” and your effort level with the paces above. 

Female trainer
Coach Katie at the track.

Progression Run #2 

This workout will systematically, incrementally increase your lactate threshold, and boost your VO2 max. If I’m talking your language you may want to check out what we wrote about how to train for a faster 5k

Warm Up

  • Set the treadmill to 1% incline and run or walk at an easy pace for 5 minutes
  • Rest x 3 minutes before starting the segment below

Run Workout

Beginner – Start @ 3.5mph | Intermediate – 5.5mph | Advanced – 7mph

  • Choose your starting speed based on your level above
  • Each minute on the minute increase the speed .02*
  • You will do this every minute until you can no longer sustain

Beginner example:

*Minute 1 – 3.5 mph

Minute 2 – 3.7 mph

Minute 3 – 3.9 mph

Minute 4 – 4.1 mph


good run workouts
Intervals are my jam.

Interval Training #3

This workout challenges your running endurance by not allowing you to fully recover each round. This will improve your strength when it comes to work capacity, which is often overlooked. 

Too many run training plans are generic. Run x 3 miles today, run x 45 minutes wednesday, run x 60 minutes long on sunday. That’s just boring to me. 

Plus if you are a beginner that’s pretty overwhelming. The thought of getting out and running for 30 minutes straight is impossible. Then one week into the program you have shin splints, your back hurts, no accountability, and you don’t know what to do so you just stop running. 


  1. Define your purpose.
  2. Create or follow a plan
  3. Get an accountability group or a coach
  4. Take time to recovery 
  5. Stretch
  6. Get enough sleep
  7. Take it one day at a time

Download our free goal setting guide we created that helps to punch procrastination in the face here.

Okay, back to it. Workout #3:

Warm Up:

  • Set the treadmill to 1% incline and run or walk at an easy pace for 15 minutes
  • Rest x 5 minutes before starting the next segment

Run Workout:

Beginner – 3 sets | Intermediate – 4 sets | Advanced – 5 sets

  • Run x 4 minutes @ moderate pace
  • Run x 60 seconds @ recovery pace – give me at-least a trot over a walk.
run training plan
Let us handle the program for you and you just execute.

I want you to notice the difference in this workout and “turn up the tempo” . I want you to understand so you understand pacing. Pacing is crucial for weight loss, increasing your aerobic capacity, and all the things. 

The first workout “turn up the tempo” was 

Run x 4 @ fast

Rest x 3 

Versus “ interval training” was

Run x 4 minutes @ moderate

Recovery jog x 60 seconds

The difference is the pacing. Interval training you don’t quite get a full recovery which is why we had you at “moderate” . If you ran at “fast” you wouldn’t be able to recover in 60 seconds and the energy system goal wouldn’t be met. 

My point?

Follow the plan. When we say to run fast, run fast. If we say to run easy, then run easy. We talk about this more in other blog post but if you just went out and did the same thing everyday “blackhole” training your body is going to adapt to that. You gotta mix things up. 


We have you three of our good run workouts that give you variety and more importantly I hope we helped you defined your why behind your training.

We shared with you Jake’s weight loss journey and how it wasn’t just running that got him there. He defined his purpose, he found a coach (us), focused on strength training, hiit training, cleaned up his eating, prioritizes sleep more for optimal recovery and shows up day in and day out.

This is the run training program that he followed.

We’re here to help, if you have any questions you can reach out to us at anytime!

k squared fitness
Your coaches Kevin & Katie


Keep training hard 🤙🏻

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