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What is K Squared Fitness All About

Welcome to K Squared Fitness! Our mission is to provide you the most well rounded workout program for everyday fitness goers and competitive athletes. Nowadays there are so many online training programs, fitness apps, online personal trainers/ coaches, it can be overwhelming to decide which online training program is best for you. Generic training programs that aren’t tailored to you are boring, and don’t get the results you want for how hard you train. Am I right? 

That’s why we have created training programs that allow you to tailor to your individual needs and gradually progresses your fitness. Below you will learn about our K2 Level system, how to customize your training program, how to choose which program route is best for you, what a typical workout of the day looks like, and how to approach your wod to get the right training stimulus. 

K2 Level System

When I started following an online training program years ago a couple things happened:

  1. I would login to see my workout of the day only to be discouraged because I would see an exercise that I wasn’t capable of doing, and I didn’t know how to progress.
  1. I would see an exercise that I wasn’t familiar with and have to spend time on YouTube researching what the exercise was. Oftentimes I couldn’t perform it, and this was very frustrating.  So I added hyperlinks to each exercise within our online training programs.

I wanted to simplify the process and create a personal trainer like experience and give users all the tools needed to reach their goals. I created progressions and hyperlinks to each and every movement. So you can tailor your workout to meet you where you are at and learn how to do things properly.

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Choosing the Best Online Training Program For You

One thing that separates K Squared Fitness from other online training programs, is that we recognize that everyone has different fitness goals and abilities. This is why we came up with two different fitness tracks:

  1. Everyday Fitness – You want to get in shape, get lean and be active.
  1. Athlete & Crossfit Training – You want to compete in the sport of fitness. 

Within each “track” is everything you could ask for when looking for your workout of the day.  

Why K Squared Fitness

We take your success seriously and we provide you with all the tools you need to be successful. It’s why US Special Forces trusted us with their training, the NFL trusted us with their athletes, and why Kevin was 2018’s Nashville’s Fittest man. K Squared Fitness programming not only works, we have a fun growing community that will help support you along the way. 

We provide:

K Squared Fitness Workout of The Day Structure

You have seen the different online training programs K Squared Fitness offers, now here is what a typical workout of the day structure looks like*

Prep (5 Minutes)

  • The better your mobility is the better positioning you are going to have during your lifts and decrease your risk for injury. 
  • We prime the body with foam rolling and specific stretches that will help get you into the right positions for your workout. 

Warm Up (6-10 Minutes)

  • Our workouts are going to ask a lot of you so we need to get your heart rate up and begin prepping for the workout of the day. 

Core (5-8 Minutes)

  • The stronger your core is the stronger everything else is going to be. Seriously. 

Strength (Varies depending on which program)

  • Compound movements. Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Pull Ups. Exercises that recruit the most amount of muscle so you get the best return. The more muscle you have the higher your BMR (basic metabolic rate) is AKA the amount of calories you burn. 

Conditioning (Varies depending on which program)

  • Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time domains. 

Extra Credit (8-12 Minutes)

  • Additional muscle building exercises to increase performance. 
  • Often utilized as a cool down.

Recovery (5 Minutes)

  • Foam rolling areas that were targeted in today’s workout to promote recovery. 

Stretching (10-25 Minutes)

  • The focus is on restoring your body, focus is on breathing, and relaxing. Often done at a different time of the day. 

*This reflects more of our primary programs (K2 Executive, K2 Fitness, K2 Athlete, K2 Strength) our add on programs will have a slightly different lay out but just as much detail. 

Best Practices When Following an Online Training Program

When following an online training program like K Squared Fitness it’s important you understand how to tailor your workouts based on what equipment you have available, what the workout of the day is, and what intensity we are asking you to perform. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your training. 

  1. Utilize our K2 Level System throughout your workouts so you can get the right training stimulus. If the workout ask you to do ten pull ups, but you can only do one. We want you to level down to the exercise you can perform ten reps at. As you get stronger, level up. 
  1. Approach your conditioning workouts with the right training stimulus. 
  1. Add weight, tempo or reps.

 For example:

Four sets of:

  1. 10 x  L Sit Press  
  2. 10 x Goblet Squat
  3. Rest x 60 seconds

This is a very basic example. But each set we want you to make it gradually more difficult. 

  • Add 5-10 lbs each set. 

If you don’t have additional weight you can:

  • Add two reps each round 


  • Add a tempo (control the eccentric portion of the lift) the down phase 

How To Approach Your Conditioning Workouts To Get The Right Stimulus 

Most of our online training programs have prescribed conditioning workouts to finish each wod (workout of the day). We like to provide as much detail as possible so you don’t have to guess at how you should be approaching each workout. Here are three components that matter when approaching the conditioning segment:

  1. Time Domain – the length of time this segment will take
  1. Pacing – what strategy or level to choose to get the desired training stimulus
  1. How you should feel – understanding what you are experiencing is okay and what we want for the desired training stimulus. 

Time Domain

  • You will see (x minutes) in the workout description to let you know the estimated time domain for the workout. 


  • Keep Movin’ – We are working on building your aerobic base. Find a rhythm in your breathing pattern. All the reps are manageable so we want you to keep moving. 
  • Let it Fly – Looking for absolute max power output. Don’t think about anything else on the agenda, only the task on hand. Go all out here. 
  • Push It – A faster pace than you normally would, training speed and confidence with higher reps. Typically interval style or EMOM format. For example:

Four Sets of:

  1. Run x 200 
  1. 15 x Kipping Toes To Bar
  1. 20 x Wall Ball
  1. Rest x 60 seconds

Because you get 60 seconds rest you can go for bigger, more aggressive sets as opposed to if this workout was four rounds for time with zero dedicated rest between sets. 

How The Workout Should Feel

  • Obtainable – “ I got this”. Weights and reps are manageable. Your limited factor is how hard you can push without having to stop. Minimize your transitions and get started right away. 
  • Brutal – “I can’t breathe”. Weights and reps are challenging forcing you to break up the reps. This style of conditioning is challenging your ability to push with your heart rate high.  Remind yourself ten minutes after the workout you will be just fine, so keep working hard. 
  • Jacked “ I can only get five at a time”. And that’s okay. The weights are heavier and the movements are more challenging. Set a goal and stick to your plan. 

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Now that you have an understanding and inside look of how K Squared Fitness online training programs work it’s time to get to work and start chasing your goals. 

Get started today by seeing which fitness program is best for you.


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