How To Do Front Squat (Barbell) | Form Tips

front squat barbell
Want to learn how to front squat without feeling like your wrist are going to break?

When I first learned the front squat on the barbell back in 2009 I thought “I’m not flexible enough”

I feel like this is probably the most painful thing I have experienced on my wrist.

My friend Randy was teaching me how to front squat. He had gotten into strongman/power lifting after

retiring from Navy Seals.

Since he had already been through special operations training he was taking

me under his wing and training me and teaching me.

Pretty awesome as I reflect back on this that I was able to get exposed to elite training at 18.

In today’s blog I’m going to cover:

  • how to do front squat with barbell
  • front squat form/faults
  • mobility needed to get into a good front squat position

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How To Do Front Squat With Barbell & Master The Form

I coach driven athletes who want to improve their performance at on a daily basis.

Over the years I have come up with a few things that athletes must be able to do FIRST before getting


  • have adequate mobility
  • master the technique and mechanics (how to)
  • then strength last

Check out the video below to learn how to front squat:

No matter how heavy the weight it mechanics should always look the same

I pointed out several things in the video:

  • screwing your feet into the floor
  • getting into a solid front rack position (more on that later)
  • how to activate your core so your back doesn’t arch

Front Rack Mobility For Front Squat

front squat barbell
Read below to see why having adequate external rotation will help you get a better front rack

The first thing as I mentioned that I do with all my athletes is to make sure the mobility is there first.

Before I dive deeper I’ll mention to you that I have a free 3 day mobility workshop.

Often times these are things that I hear:

“This kills my wrist”

every person first learning to front squat

Let’s address that.

Your wrist getting pulled when trying to front squat on the barbell is definitely not fun.

Below I’ll talk about what you should do when you see front squats in your workout so that you don’t

immediately cringe thinking you are going to destroy your wrist.

What To Do When Front Squats Are In Your Workout

Your warm up and mobility work should reflect what is to come later in your workout.

If you will be doing front squats or thrusters you will want to:

  • Get into a nice upright position by getting your t spine to move (video shows 6 mobility drills)
  • Have your hips and ankles moving well
  • And loosen up your lats like the video below

Doing this stretch before your workouts will also SAVE your shoulders as it’s the best stretch for your

lats on the planet.

The stretch that will help you get into a better front rack position

I’ll encourage you to try and get into a front rack position first.

Then do this stretch.

Then retest and see if you can get into a better position.

That’s what you should do with anything thing actually. Test. Retest. Evaluate next steps based off of whether you saw change or not.

front squat form
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Front Squat Alternative

If you are looking for a front squat alternative I’m curious is it because you can’t get into a good position

or you are just wanting to strengthen your legs and core?

–> Drop your reason why down in the comments below.

I’m a big believer in every athlete doing exercise that is best suited for them.


It’s why every exercise in our fitness app has a “harder” or “easier” button associated with it.

See the image below for what I’m talking about.

front squat alternative

I created this because I know that following generic fitness programming is frustrating.

I wanted to create a program that was as much like personal training as possible.

If you are local in Nashville, TN of course I would love to work with you personally but if you are following

online it’s difficult to get a custom program built for you.

Until this.

Because if you haven’t mastered the Front Squat and that is in the program simply click easier and I will

give you the progression prior to the front squat.

How To Progress To Barbell Front Squats

In order to have a good front squat what do we need to have?

  • A solid bodyweight squat.
  • A beautiful goblet squat
  • A strong core that supports a double kettlebell squat like this:
The progression I have before getting to the barbell

The double kb front squat is a great exercise because it challenges you to be strong in your midline.

You can start to load up a good amount of weight but still work on keeping positioning before moving

to the barbell front squat.

Some other Front Squat Alternatives

The front squat itself is extremely demanding on your core and quads.

Two things that I love to train.

I’m also a huge believer that just doing compound lifts:

  • back squats vs front squats
  • bench press
  • shoulder press
  • deadlifts
  • etc

Is just one part of good programming.

In fact the more I focus on my core strength and unilateral exercises (one leg or one arm) the stronger I

would get and also my injuries would go down.

Compound lifts like the ones I mentioned require a lot of things to “activated” or work properly and to be


…for most of us we are compensating somewhere.

Doing exercise like these one below are a great way to help activate muscles and improve muscle


Check them out:

front squat form

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