You ready for this?

I always put something on my calendar every 90 days to help me stay focused with my workouts. It helps me stay consistent, show up on the days I don’t want to, and plus I love a good challenge! 

That’s why I created the 900 minute fitness challenge. 

Today I will give you the complete run down on everything that will take place during those 30 days and you determine if you want in on the fun!

If you already know you want to be a part of this free challenge click here. 

Fitness Challenge 30 Days

Alright, I’m super pumped to have you be a part of this but let’s make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. 

I call it the 900 minute challenge because it’s:

Of hiit cardio training. 30 x 30…yep that’s where we get the 900 minutes from. The 30 minutes of hiit cardio is pulled directly from our K2 Cardio program. It’s detailed run, rowing, and biking workouts*

You do not have to have a rower or a bike for these workouts. 

fitness challenge 30 days
Local K2 Fitness family knocking it out

What Are We Trying To Do & How Does It Work?

I’m a passionate personal trainer who wants to educate, inspire and help bring the best out of everyone and I created this fitness challenge because I’m trying to help people get in the habit of…

Exercising everyday. 

To help you create the habit of putting on your exercise shoes each day and getting your heart rate up. 

fitness challenge
Take it one day at a time.

How It Works:

Each day we will provide a cardio hiit workout for you that is very simple to follow. 

Here is an example workout pulled directly from the challenge:

6 sets

  1. Run x 30 seconds @ moderate
  2. Run x 90 @ fast
  3. Run x 60 @ faster
  4. Rest x 3 

Couple of things may trigger in your head:

high intensity interval training
You can walk, bike, or even row.

If you can’t run:

If you can’t run we simply want you to choose whatever piece of cardio equipment you are comfortable with. This could be:

How do you keep track of your times:

You will need a stopwatch and a little bit of planning on your end to execute each workout*

*I’m not trying to plug in our fitness app but…I’m going to. 

This is why we actually created our app. Because after getting workouts off of the internet for years I was always frustrated with how difficult the workouts were to follow. I wanted to follow a plan but it always seemed so complex. 

A screen shot of how it works with our fitness app

You can see within our fitness app the screen tells you what to do, for how long and the “easier & harder” buttons are awesome too. In this example if you couldn’t run you could click “easier” and it would go to a bike, a rower, or an option that would be best suited for you. 

You can try our fitness app for just $1 if you want to check it out by clicking here. 

How do I know my moderate, fast, and faster pace

We use this style of coaching to allow you gauge your workout based on effort as opposed to suggesting times and targets to hit. 

Don’t’ over complicate it 

Easy pace = Walk or go slow

Moderate pace – Jog

Fast pace – Run faster than your “jog” pace 

You get the idea. Keep it simple. 

fitness challenge 30 days
Believe me, these guys/gals asked the same questions.

Are You Asking Yourself This? 

If you are asking yourself why the moderate, the fast, faster and the different intervals. Well, interval training is extremely effective. The purpose of this fitness challenge is to create healthy habits, yes, but also to show you how effective high intensity interval training can be.

Even if you are a beginner. 

You want to avoid what I call “black hole” training. I talk about this more in our good run workouts for beginners. But essentially it’s avoiding doing the same thing every workout. 

30 minute run/walk at the same pace, everyday, everytime you walk outside or step foot into a gym. 

That doesn’t work. It might have been when you first started. But, your body will adapt to what you are doing so you gotta mix it up! This 30 day fitness challenge will do just that for you too 🙂

Fitness Challenge Group

fitness challenge group
Don’t take on this challenge alone, get some friends to join you from work.

Nothing is better than training with a community that backs you, helps hold you accountable and wants the best for you. K Squared Fitness is huge on building community! That’s why we have created a private fitness challenge group so that you can:

Since these next 30 days are 30 days of cardio and something everyone can do, I encourage you to grab a friend or someone from work who has been wanting to get moving again and have them take on the challenge with you! 

Fitness Challenge January 

fitness challenge app
Don’t wait until the new year. Take action today.

January serves as a great time for you to get a fresh start, I’m fully aware. It’s the beginning of the first quarter and a great time to start this challenge! 

I talked about it earlier but I have something on the calendar every 90 days for a reason. To help me stay consistent with my routine (one of my ten rules) of the ten things I have been doing for the past ten years to stay in peak shape. 

You can learn more about that here

I have considered having it kick off January and or ever 90 days so we can all “start together” but then I thought about how I’m a huge believer in taking action today. If you want to make a change and try this challenge.

 Do it today. 

This is something I start my morning off every morning at 6 am already with the local K2 Fitness crew. We do the K2 Cardio program every morning together and the results have been awesome. 

Check out what some of the some of the guys/gals have to say:

30 Day Fitness Challenge Beginner

If you checked out any of the testimonials from above hopefully you were inspired and saw that we can help anyone. 

Jake Peterson- Who lost over 50 lbs. His full story here

30 day fitness challenge beginner
Hard work pays off. You just gotta show up everyday.

Jay P – CEO of Mt. Glacier who now sleeps better than he ever has and is in such great shape he says he feels like he’s in his 30’s and he is 53. 

By the way this is Jay running on the treadmill doing the K2 Cardio program at 9.5 miles per hour. 

Yeah…I know. 

It’s freaking awesome. 

He couldn’t do that when we first kicked off this 30 day fitness challenge. 


This fitness challenge is 30 days, 30 minutes of hiit cardio a day and it’s going to make you feel like a million bucks after the 30 days. 

Did I mention it’s free? 

Oh yeah… it’s free!

I just want to help people become the best version of themselves and continue to support the community and help bring out the best in you. 

So if you want in on the 30 day fitness challenge click here and I will see you on the other side!!

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