K Squared Fitness Expectations

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K Squared Fitness Expectations


Clear expectations are important in any journey that you take on in life. 

We want you (our clients) to have an idea of what we expect of you, what you can expect from us coaches, and what you can expect from yourself. 

Here is what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you:

We want to continue to improve. So help us.

What You Can Expect

Joining the K Squared Fitness program you can expect:

  • Confidence in finding a program that suits your needs. You will see multiple different training programs available based on your goals, equipment available, and the time you have.
  • In depth video tutorials. We want you to feel confident in the exercises you will be doing. Every exercise has a two-three minute video tutorial you can watch if you aren’t comfortable with the movement quite yet. 
  • Levels. This is not a one size fits all training platform. When you are working out you will see “easier” and “harder” buttons on the screen that you can click that will change the difficulty of the exercise until you find one that is best fit for you at this time. 
  • Our software will “save” your level. If you leveled down on strict pull ups to renegade row, you will not have to do that every single time. Our app will remember your current level is x and when you feel confident in leveling up push the harder button 🙂
  • 3 ways to workout. 
  1. Read the “text version” and write down the workout on your own whiteboard
  2. Pull up the different sections and reference the videos for movements you aren’t familiar with
  3. Or you can click start and you can just follow along with the videos the entire workout
  • Never feel alone. We are always here to help. Join our private facebook group for accountability, shoot me and email any time you have any questions or are struggling with your workouts. 
  • Develop a sense of pride in taking ownership of your health. Listen, if this process was easy everyone would be doing it. You will create a sense of self discipline and work ethic that others will see.
  • Feel confident going through a workout. We can tailor the exercises specifically for you and you just like a personal training session, and you can watch video tutorials when you don’t feel confident in the movement. You can rest assured you will be aware of self monitoring yourself and what is best for you.
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This is a relationship. Not do what I tell you.

What We Expect:

We value you and you undoubtedly will learn a lot from us. We worked extremely hard to create this platform to give you the tools to be successful. 

By joining the K Squared Fitness program we expect from you:

You dedicate time at least 3-5 days per week to intentionally working on your health. This may include:

  • Executing your workouts
  • Taking time to journal 
  • Getting out in nature
  • Prioritizing your sleep 
  • Make healthy nutrient dense choices with your food selection
  • Finding a quiet place to stretch, breathe, and pray
  • Surround yourself with like minded people
  • You don’t just sign up and never use the app. You signed up for a reason. Because you are ready to make a change. Our world is filled with distractions. It’s extremely challenging to juggle work, family, errands, and all the other things and still make time for health and wellness. BUT IT’S POSSIBLE. If there are other things that pull your attention and focus away that you are aware of, do what you need to do to delegate so you can make time for yourself. 
  • You proactively reach out when you have questions, aren’t feeling like your expectations are being met or needs being met, or would like to discuss something you need additional support with. 
  • Invite those around you. Fitness with family and friends is a lot more fun. Invite someone each week to join you and build a community around you of people who you can lean on and you guys/gals can support one another. 
  • You work to discover your own strengths, areas of opportunity and what works best for you. We want what is best for you. You know your body better than we do, we are here to help support the decisions that you make and give you the tools to be successful. 
  • You know why. You take time to reflect on your goals and remember why you started this entire journey. Not everyday are you going to want to workout or make healthy choices. But if your WHY is big enough, your how becomes easier. Never forget why you signed up. 
  • You’re willing to challenge yourself. It’s easy to mail it in when you are training alone. But challenge yourself. Remember that one hour of your day is only 3% of the day. Give me your best for that one hour, or however long you can dedicate to fitness each day.
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It won’t always be a celebration. Sometimes we have to have difficult conversations. We are here to help better you!

What Your Coaches Do:

As your coach I will:

  • Program. I will write out detailed workouts that are fun, challenging, and gradually progress.
  • Be available. When you need help or support. I’m here for you. 
  • Review your videos. If you have questions about your form or doing something properly. Upload them into our private facebook group. I’ll review your video and give you feedback. 
  • Check in. I send emails about once a week to help keep you encouraged and keep you on track. 

Most importantly, I’m here to support you along your fitness journey. If you have questions or need guidance, please reach out. 

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Get ready to be a part of something special. Everyone is welcome.

Couple Of Other Things

You can do this.

Your entire health and wellness journey is based almost entirely on habits. 

Take some time each week to clearly define when you will be able to commit to your workouts. 

Whether it’s 15 minutes, 30, or 60 minutes.

You have to make the time. 

That’s my challenge to you carve out time for yourself this week…

…and one last thing.

Take it one day at a time.


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See you on the other side, 

Kevin & Katie Andres

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