Elbow Jack – The Abs Exercise You Want to be Doing for Results

Elbow jacks are one of the most effective core exercises. If you aren’t doing this ab workout, you need to start incorporating it into your workout ASAP. 

Are Elbow Jacks a good exercise?

Elbow Jacks are an incredible exercise! What we love about elbow jacks is that they are effective and since they’re a bodyweight only exercise you can do them during your gym workout, your at home workout, or your hotel workout!

What is an Elbow Jack?

The elbow jack is a core exercise. You begin in the plank position on your elbows with your heels together. Then you jump your feet apart while dropping your hips to the ground. You immediately jump back up to the starting position. 

Watch our youtube video to see exactly how to perform an elbow jack!

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