Double Under Workouts

double under workout
Looking for some double under workouts?

If I’m honest double under workouts are probably some of my favorite workouts. But, I know that for

MOST people. It’s probably NOT. My personal personal record is 310.

Double unders can be extremely frustrating if it’s a skill you are not proficient at.

BUT you are probably here because you want to do more workouts that have dubs in them…

…so YAY you for seeking out and wanting to get better.

In this blog I’ll share with you:

  • first off a video on how to do double unders so you don’t drive yourself crazy.
  • some sweet double under workouts
  • answer some frequently asked questions

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How To Do Double Under

Just like any skill in crossfit if you want to get better at the skill, you are going to have to take time to

actually practice. If you just do double unders the next time you see them in the workout of the day are

you really taking the time to get better at them?

I encourage you and my athletes to dedicate 10-15 minutes a few days a week to practice the skill you

are wanting to get better at.

Whether that is:

You name it. To get better at you are going to need to dedicate time to practice.

In this video below I highlight some drills that I you can begin to add in to your workouts.

I’ll encourage you to add those drills into your workouts during the warm up if possible.

Just for kicks here is some of the scaling progressions that I do with my athletes:

  • single unders (yes to make sure you can actually jump rope)
  • plate hops (working on rebounding)
  • pogo jumps or jumping really high on single unders
  • penguin drill
  • practicing single, single, double

Double Under Workouts

double under workout
Don’t let double under workouts crush you anymore.

Another coaching point before I recommend some dub workouts for you.

Whether you are in your gym, at home training alone or in a class remember that you don’t have to “RX”


I know you want to get stronger, faster, fitter, and to be able to do the prescribed reps in the workout.


…If a workout calls for 100 double unders and you can only string together 7 in a row.

Don’t just automatically swap out for 2 or 3 x single unders.

It’s a cop out.

If you want to get better at double unders, do more double unders. Now, I don’t want to get carried away

too much but I’m all about getting the desired “training stimulus” for the workout.

double under workout
Training stimulus matters.

Here is what I’m talking about.

Scale the number or reps that’s fitting for you.

Not just doing 100 and have that take you 6 minutes. The wod is not the time to try and get better at

double unders.

  • pick a drill
  • choose a rep range that is fitting for you (even if it’s not rx)
  • don’t let it ruin your workout
  • take 10-15 minutes after your workout to then practice drills

Okay, okay here are some suggested workouts:

Double Under Workout #1

This workout will challenge your ability to keep moving. The reps are all manageable and will challenge your aerobic capacity. 

12 minute AMRAP (As many reps or rounds as possible)

  • 40 x double under
  • 20 x wall ball
  • 10 x ghd sit up

Scaling options:

  • Choose a rep range that is very obtainable and will allow you to keep moving
  • reduce the reps or the weight of the wall ball
  • swap ghd sit ups –> toes to bar–>hanging leg raise–> v ups–> or even butterfly sit ups

Comment down below how many rounds and reps you get!

Well that was a doozy.

Double Under Workout #2

This workout will challenge your ability to stay efficient as reps get higher.

10 minute AMRAP

  • 10 x double under
  • 2 x ground to overhead
  • 20 x double under
  • 4 x ground to overhead
  • 30 x double under
  • 6 x ground to overhead
  • etc

Scaling options:

  • reduce the reps to something that’s manageable for you. Increments of 5’s?
  • choose a weight on the ground to overhead that’s allows you to keep moving.

Here is the suggested weight that I had for my athletes:

Ground to Overhead Weight:

Men – 115/95/75

Women – 75/65/55 lbs

Want more sweet workouts? Click on the image to check out our training programs.

Those are two workouts that will give you a nice variety of a gymnastics in a short time domain.

If you are anything like me you love variety and want to be able to crush any workout that is thrown your


That’s what I help people do on a daily basis.

My mission is to educate, inspire and help bring the best

out of you as an athlete.

Fill out the form below and I’ll share with you my best fitness tips to get your

mind and skill set right. Keep training hard 🤙🏻

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To get better at double unders you are going to have actually practice them.

The video at the top of the page I shared with you several drills that you can add into your warm up or

after your workout. I'll challenge you to spend 10-15 minutes a few days a week practicing.

Know that it WILL be frustrating.

BUT once you get the rhythm down they are so fun and if I dare say (as you get more fit) can be an active recovery.

Get to practicing guys and you know that I love to hear from you all so:

  • comment down below with your biggest take away
  • comment how many double unders you can do in a row right now
  • share this blog with a friend

And help us spread the word about K Squared Fitness!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are double unders in crossfit?

Double unders are one of the many gymnastics skills that we see in workouts and in competition. The movement itself is when you are jumping rope and the rope spins under your feet two times = one rep.

Are double unders a good cardio workout?

Heck yes. Just like anything else you can make it harder too. You can add more reps, decrease your rest time, use a weighted rope or even the drag rope. Because of the power output required on each jump to perform a double under you will definitely get a great cardio workout. Check out a few I posted above.

I can't do very many in a row. Where should I start?

Don't just continue to try doing more double unders. The same reason I wouldn't tell you to just keep doing more pull ups if you want to get better at pull ups. Do drills. In the video above I show you several drills that you can begin to incorporate into your training a few days a week.

I keep tripping on my feet. What should I do?

It could potentially be a timing issue or simply that you aren't getting high enough. Practice the penguin drill that I posted in the video above. That is going to help you see how fast your hands need to be and also the power you need to get off the ground.

Any other questions leave them in the comments below and I'm happy to help.

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