Crossfit Ab Exercises

crossfit ab exercises
Master these and you will be ahead of your competition (and not get hurt)

Ab exercises huh? I have been asked this for years and have come up with over a 100 different variations. I don’t like doing the same things over and over. There are a ton of people that will tell you that squatting, deadlifting and all of those things work your core. I’m not going to argue with them either because this is true. BUT true targeted core work will sky rocket your performance. Your abs are the foundation to everything that you do. 

I call abs (core) and that includes your “trunk”. Glutes, abs, lower back, no need for the fancy anatomy like rectus abdominis because then I most likely lose you. The point I’m getting at is you have to train your abs. So here are five of my favorite crossfit ab exercises. 

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Crossfit Workouts For Abs

#1 Kipping Toes To Bar

This is a very technical movement and requires a ton of strength, timing and coordination. That’s why I believe it’s considered to be one of the best crossfit ab exercises. 

# 2 Hollow Body Hold

Mastering the hollow body is a must. Having the ability that this is the position you want your body to be in and understanding your spinal position is so important. Whether it’s squatting, pressing, deadlift, etc. you want to be “hollow”. 

Another one of my favorite isometric hold exercises for abs is the reverse plank.

# 3 Weighted Tuck Hold

Fantastic ab exercise to work on keep your ribs from flaring and maintaining tension in the right area. Now image pressing a barbell overhead. You should have your ribs closed down like this. If you aren’t able to you may have a super tight T Spine and need to try this.   

# 4 Alligator Roll

Being able to transition to a strong hollow body and arch position without using your hands or your feet shows you have great core strength. Give it a try. 

# 5 Straight Leg Crunch

Never neglect the basics. I just love this ab exercise because I love the burn.

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Those are 5 of my favorite ab exercises that I have seen a direct correlation when competing in crossfit.

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