Crossfit 21.1 Workout Tips To Crush Double Unders

crossit open 21.1

The first crossfit 21.1 open workout was released and if you are wanting to improve your efficiency on double unders and learn the best tips on how to wall walk. We are going to help you out!

We will share with you

  • Mobility exercises to do before the workout
  • Double Under & Wall Walk Tips
  • Warm Up
  • Pacing

21.1 Crossfit Open Workout

RX Division

1 Wall Walk + 10 Double Unders

3 Wall Walk + 30 Double Unders

6 Wall Walk + 60 Double Unders

9 Wall Walk + 90 Double Undres

15 Wall Walk + 150 Double Unders

21 Wall Walk + 210 Double Unders

For the full workout standards check it out here:

What Warm Up Exercises To Do Before 21.1

With the amount of shoulders, triceps, and bounding of your calves it’s important to have the muscles loose and ready to go. Spend 60 seconds to two minutes on each of the following mobility drills:

  • Calf SmashYou don’t want your calves cramping up!
  • Rear Delt SmashSo much shoulders you want to make sure these are ready to go
  • Wrist StretchThe wall walks can be a lot so just get them loose and ready to go.
  • T Spine OpenerA tight upper back is going to make it difficult to get all the way to the wall, make sure you spend some time on this one so your shoulder are really open.

Efficiency Tips For Double Unders

Double unders are a struggle for a lot of people and that’s why I created our Crossfit Gymnastics Program that helps you get stronger, faster, and better at gymnastics movements.

Efficiency Tips For Wall Walks

This is actually an exercise that we frequently do in our crossfit gymnastics program and it’s a one of our drills that we use frequently.

If you want to improve your overall pressing strength and start working towards handstand push ups is a great blog to read.

Warm Up

After you complete the mobility exercises from above you want to get your heart rate up and perform a “primer.” So your body isn’t completely shocked when you start the workout.

Warm Up for Crossfit Workout 21.1

  • 3 Minute Bike – Increase intensity every minutes

Then complete 3 rounds of:

Each round increase the double unders by 10 reps.

Rest x 5 Minutes then crush the workout!

Pacing and Strategy

This workout has a TON of shoulder work but really isn’t going to be too taxing on your energy system. What that means is you have to buckle down and push it. You shoulder endurance will be your biggest limiter, not your breath.

I encourage you to get into a breathing pattern that allows you to keep moving. When your shoulders fatigue, take three breaths and get right back into it!

The workout has a 15 minute time cap and before you know it will be over. Maybe these are two movements that you aren’t as familiar with and you string together more double unders than you ever had before. That’s a win.

Have some fun!


We shared with you which mobility exercises to do, efficiency tips and warm up so you can crush open workout 21.1

If you want to get stronger, faster and better at gymnastics check out our Online Crossfit Training Program and how you can get started for just $1.

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